Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katy's Cake

My dear friend Katy from Iowa shared a delicious recipe with me while we were living there.  If you know me at all you know that I LOVE sweets! Chocolate happens to be one of my favorite things. The wonderful dessert is a chocolate bundt cake with chocolate chips in it.  It is homemade and amazing!  It is referred to as "Katy's cake" in our house.  Jonah somehow remembers her making it and thinks of her when I make it which is adorable.  

I don't make it very often 1) because I will eat it all and 2) because then it wouldn't be as special.  Well I made it 3 times this week!  I made it once last week when our great across-the-street-neighbors came over for dinner and it was a hit.  Last night for bible study we had a pot luck/fellowship night as we transition from one book of the bible to another.  I was responsible for making dessert.  Richard suggested Katy's cake. Now, I will be honest with you and say that I have had trouble with it sticking to the pan before this, but that has meant a few pieces sticking here and there.  The recipe does say to grease and flour the pan, which I do, but once and awhile it sticks.  

I worked all weekend, but did have some spontaneous vacation both sat and sun night from 7-11pm before working at 11pm.  So, I decided I would make the cake sun night and leave more time for myself on monday night since I would be sleeping most of the day (after working all night) and have to get the boys ready and out to bible study by myself.  So I threw it together quick before work and had pulled it out of the oven before heading to work leaving Richard to flip it over.  

At this point I will state that I claim all responsibility for the cake mishap and it was not my husband's fault at all!  And yes, I did write that!  I told him to wait a little bit and then flip it onto the cake plate.  He called me as I was pulling into the parking lot at work to let me know that it was a disaster and the cake looked awful. The whole top layer had been stuck like glue to the pan.  We laughed and I decided I would just make another one tomorrow.  He told me not to and just to bring the broken one.  I said I would just make a new one and he told me he bet it would happen again. 

Well, I rarely give into peer pressure, but I also can't turn down a challenge by my husband! 

So monday I got up a few hours earlier than planned and had the boys down for a nap and that cake ready to throw in the pan. Only I had run out of chocolate chips! Ahh! The boys were sleeping and my plan was ruined! After quickly checking with 4 neighbors I was still empty handed. Luckily my sister came to the rescue and dropped some off while she was running errands. Hurray for Nikki!  The cake did turn out beautifully and I think it was because the boys and I prayed real hard before I flipped this one over!  (Not to mention that I let it cool a little longer and floured it a little more, but they don't need to know that) 

Here are a few snapshots of the infamous cake. 
and Whole.

How silly, you might be thinking, why didn't she just bring the broken one? Why make a whole new cake? Yes, I know. I had to step up to the challenge, I am a perfectionist, and I am a little proud when it comes to cooking/baking.  I wanted to show my fellow bible study members (who I hardly know) that I could do it. Plus, we have a whole cake at home to enjoy (the broken one). Honestly, wouldn't you have done the same? Plus, know I have a great story to blog and laugh about later! 


Prachar family said...

The perfect not me post! I would have definitely made it over again as well. NO way would I take a broken cake to a ladies get together! That of all places can only be the best!!

Now you have me wanting that recipe! My bundt pan hasn't been used since we moved!

Papa said...

Is that the Chocolate Lovers Favorite Cake that I made for our small group a long time ago? I remember it wasn't quite cooked through--so embarrassing! I would have done just what you did! Enjoy it! FYI it is absolutely awesome with some melted chocolate drizzled on top--YUM YUM YUM Cindy