Friday, April 3, 2009

Our own local artist

Jonah has always been our more artistic child and has enjoyed coloring and humors me by doing "crafts" with me.  He is also a strictly color in the lines kiddo, trees are brown, grass is green, etc while he colors.  I am pretty sure he got this from me!  Until today he has preferred to color in a coloring book because he hasn't been able to draw exactly what he is imagining.  My dad's parents have moved into an assisted living apartment temporarily due to the local flooding. Today the boys and I headed over to visit them. Beforehand I had the boys color a picture for them to hang up in their new place.  While I was running around getting things together Jonah drew the picture above all by himself.  I was a little sad we gave it away as I am a very sentimental, pack rat, save every little cute thing my kids to kind of mom.  However, I decided taking a picture would suffice.  It is a picture of our family and we are holding hands "because we love each other" (I believe from left to right it is Richard, Jonah, Elijah and myself).  I am hoping this will be the beginning of more artwork. 

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Prachar family said...

How precious, I am sure it is treasured!