Monday, April 13, 2009

Just a few random thoughts...

With a title like that I could probably write for days!  Richard and I were able to spend a much needed kidless evening together last night compliments of my parents!  The boys had a "sleepover" with grandma because she had today off from school. After Richard slaved away over our taxes (thanks honey) from an interesting year of change: living and working in two different states (IA & ND), buying a house, and having no one in school for the first time.  Satan was at work preventing from making them go smoothly (internet browser crashing when he was almost finished, printer running out of ink, stapler being stapleless, etc), but he prevailed and finished! Yahoo! He even did it a few days early! 

So, we headed out to celebrate a night together and his triumphant tax finishing. (I can make up words on here because it is my blog, in case you were wondering).  We ran into one problem, every place we wanted to eat at was CLOSED for Easter!  Whoops. We ended up branching out and trying a newer restaurant in town, L'Bistro which happens to be attached to a newer hotel, hence the reason they were open last night.  We were the only ones in the restaurant, but enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner. We had a specialty pizza, a glass of wine for Richard and a Sangria for me. Yummy!

During one of our conversations, Richard made a comment, and I assumed he meant something else, and this miscommunication led to a discussion of the difference between the way men and women think and talk.  We chatted about the magical way women can read each other's minds while having a conversation because they can read between the lines. Versus men who do not think this way and need it spelled out for them. I pointed out that Richard is able to read between the lines when it comes to literature, but not so much with myself. He begged to differ. I provided him with an example to prove my point. (The following conversation occurred between Richard and I, and although this is not a word for word dictation, it is pretty darn close!)

Me: Say I go shopping with a good girlfriend and we come across a super cute purse that I love! Although I won't ask for this purse, my girlfriend would make a mental note of my love for it and may purchase it for me for a special occasion that is coming up. I never point blank asked for the purse, she just read between the lines and bought it for me. 

Richard: It would play out differently with me, but it isn't because I can't read between the lines. Say you and I are shopping and you make the same comment about the purse. I would acknowledge that you would like this purse as a present, but I know you have a lot of other purses at home, "including two very cute bagolitas" and certainly don't need another purse. So, I wouldn't buy it for you. Not because I couldn't read between the lines, but because I am thinking practically. Unlike your girlfriend, who wouldn't consider whether you have too many pairs of shoes, purses, etc and just purchase it for you.

He does have a point here, but I still think there is a magical way that women relate to each other and can converse with each other while using mind reading techniques that men just don't possess.  Plus, I obviously NEED all my different purses and he will never understand this ;0)

Maybe we will both think differently about present purchases in the future!  Either way, we had a few great laughs and I am sure this will spark many more debates as we both love "discussing" things we disagree on just for fun. 

On a side note, we had a great time together last night and my read-between-the-lines hubby must have picked up on subliminal messages I have been sending him because he left me an encouraging note this morning when he left for work.  A simple way he shows me he cares and leaves me on cloud 9 all day!

Now, if only I could crack the code on how to communicate with a toddler boy while he is in his own little world.  I will let you know when I discover the secret. That one might be a money maker!

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Prachar family said...

Oh, I think you are onto something with this research!! I love it!! I read a book by Rick Johnson called the Man Whisperer that addressed this very issue and it helped me with my boys a lot! He also has a book just for moms of boys called That's my Son. Loved them both, very eye opening!