Saturday, April 18, 2009


For the past 3 months or so, I have frequently been asked if the boys are twins.  Often it is by a complete stranger who happens to find my two rambunctious toddlers adorable.  It, of course, is not when I find them adorable, like when we are trying to safely make it through the check out line in the grocery store or Target.  By safely I mean all three of us are able to pass from the beginning of the check out to the other end without losing any body parts, gaining objects we don't need, and bothering people in more than 3 isles away!

Often they become silly and giddy and as they are giggling hysterically, when they do actually look pretty stinking cute, I am asked if they are twins.  I have never really been able to see why everyone thinks they could pass for twins until recently.  If they are sitting next to each other and giggling (as they often are) and not talking, I could see how one could mistake them for the same age.  

Working in the NICU has resulted in many conversations about how many babies I take care of while I am working, if they are boys or girls, if they pooped or peed, and if I got to feed them a bottle, etc.  Jonah is often interested in these details and has also been fascinated recently by triplets we had in the NICU and that I took care of quite a bit.  He thinks we should have two or three at a time next time.  I told him to keep dreaming.

Anyway, last week we made a grocery store run (the boys and I) and we found a great cart with a small bench in the front for kids to sit in.  It was the greatest invention and I will be praying for it to be available for future trips.  When we went through the check out, I was distracted by quickly getting everything out of the cart as quickly as possible and didn't notice the boys laughing at each other and giggling away.  The clerk asked me if they were twins and before I could answer Jonah turned to her and said, "No, we aren't twins!  We came out of my mom one at a time and took our turns!"  She and I exchanged a look of shock and I informed her that they are in fact 20 months apart, but often are mistaken for twins.  We had a good laugh and Jonah later told me he wishes he and Elijah were twins.  

So yesterday when they were getting dressed, they both picked out the same shirt to wear.  They do have quite a few "matching" outfits and even though I HATED dressing the same as my sister when I was younger and vowed not to do that to my own children, I often do.  Richard finds it dorky and I think its great!  Needless to say I was pretty proud when they decided to be "twins" all on their own. Once I documented the occasion with a picture I realized how much they look alike!  I only hope they stay such great friends as they get older.  


Cindy and company said...

I agree..two or three at once would be great next time! The boys are adorable and could easily pass for twins. Better make a mental note of that for the future. Wouldn't want Elijah using Jonah's I.D. for anything!

Prachar family said...

I agree too, they are adorable and do look so much alike! How totally sweet that they wish they were! Just goes to show you always want what you can't have, as a twin myself, I didn't always want to be one! I know what you mean about them being such great friends! I pray mine are all best friends for LIFE!!