Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You say it best, when you say nothing at all

Love. This word is overused in society today. We say we love everything from a great chocolate cake, to the beautiful sun shining, to our adorable snotty nosed kiddo who needs a pick me up, to a great "sale" at the store, to inanimate objects, to those we hold dear to our heart (spouse, family, friends).

The word is spoken often in our house. It is very high on the list of words that come out of my mouth most frequently too. I know this word means different things to so many. The depth of its meaning is also understood differently by the one speaking it and the one receiving it. Even though I say it often, I still mean it every time.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that I live my life always wondering if it may be the last time I say it each time I do. Or it is just how God made me.

Since becoming a wife and a mother, I believe I have an even deeper understanding of what love really is. Love is so much more than a warm fuzzy feeling that makes you feel like you might finally experience flight like the birds. True love is selfless, sacrificial and hard.

Even though I love hearing that four letter word. Sometimes it is even better when you say nothing at all and speak in other ways. Like saying I love you by cleaning the house for your spouse, making a delicious meal for a friend who is struggling, or giving a thoughtful gift to brighten someone's day. Or leaving love notes around the house when you hardly get to see your spouse due to our hectic schedule.

If you don't already know how my husband feels about giving me flowers you can read about it here. You will also discover how they bring such joy to my life.

Last night after a long day, and a late night at bible study, my wonderful husband went to the grocery store to get some necessary items because I was feeling sick. He even took Jonah. The two of them came home with the groceries and Jonah informed me that daddy had got me a surprise and he was going to put it on the table in the morning. I was so excited trying to think about what it might be (chocolate, oreo cookies, or something else).

Richard became upset with Jonah for "blowing his surprise" and then I realized it must be more than chocolate. He came in with a dozen beautiful red roses! That he picked up for no reason but to tell me he loves me. He was going to set them out in the morning for me to wake up to!

On a sidenote, recently I picked up a "special surprise" for Richard, chocolate covered cherries from a local chocolate store. This was something we gave each other in high school for a special treat. They are delicious and made daily. I also made the mistake of letting the boys in on my little surprise and even brought them with me to the store to get them. I explained they were a surprise and daddy would share with them after he opened them. The boys went crazy the rest of the afternoon waiting for daddy to get home.

I wrapped them up and placed them in a gift bag and wrote a note thanking him for being such a great hubby while I'll I have done for the last 12 week is puke and sleep. Richard has barley stepped in the door when Jonah yelled out that he had a special surprise on the table and Elijah followed suit by asking if he could have a "berry" when he opened his gift.

I guess they keep secrets as well as I do! So, I do know Richard was disappointed that Jonah ruined the surprise, but I found it just as exciting! It also means the world to me to hear my husband tell me he loves me. Sometimes he says it best, when he says nothing at all!

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