Tuesday, September 1, 2009

14 weeks!

We are 14 weeks!

I have not taken any pictures yet of this growing baby, I think partly because I was nervous to get excited and partly because I have been so dog gone sick! I feel I have gotten large faster this time. Yes, I know this is my 3rd child, but I have yet to experience this because I am usually so sick that I loose weight for the first 4 months. I have felt worse this time but have been able to keep more food down so I think I won't have to worry about the weight loss part. Plus, Zofran is my new best friend! Can't live without it! Literally!

Quick list of praises regarding this little peanut:
  1. Hurray for the 2nd trimester!
  2. Hurray for Zofran: My new best friend!
  3. I have only been in once for IV fluids!
  4. The boys are SUPER excited about this little one and are anxious to feel him or her kicking.
  5. Elijah has stopped talking about hurting the baby and is now talking about feeding the baby, changing its diaper (yeah right), and sharing some of his toys!
  6. I got a sneak peek at work of our little jumping bean when we were slow a few weeks ago thanks to my great friend who works in labor and delivery (she will remain nameless for her protection ;0)
  7. I am still able to wear my normal jeans (I did just order some maternity ones because this won't last too much longer)
  8. I am hoping to feel the baby move soon. I was able to feel Elijah at 16 weeks!
  9. I don't think I will every grow tired of little kisses on my belly from the boys!
  10. I AM going to find out the sex, but Richard doesn't want to know...or so he thinks.

Hurray for 14 weeks! Praise the Lord for little blessings.

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