Thursday, September 3, 2009

A trip to the land of the "Cobbers"

The boys and I headed down to Fargo, ND (an hour south of Grand Forks) this afternoon to cheer for Richard's cross country team who had a meet conveniently in Moorhead, MN (right across the river) where my littlest sister just started her freshman year of college. We had fun cheering at the race and running around and then headed over to Concordia College campus to see Laura and her "new house" as the boys referred to it.

They loved the skywalk connecting her dorm to another building.
Here is her room! When the boys walked in Jonah asked if this was the basement and then they both wondered why it was so small. I forgot that they have never seen a dorm room before! They decided it was very nice and wanted to stay with Laura.
The boys checking out Laura's side of the room.
Laura's desk. Isn't their room cute? It made me miss college!
The highlight of our trip for the boys was eating with Laura in the dining hall. They LOVED all the choices and couldn't believe there was endless chocolate milk!
An attempt to get a picture before we left for home.
We are so excited she is so close so we can visit often!
I had never been to Concordia's campus and I was very impressed! Everyone was so friendly and did not seem to mind two obnoxious toddlers bouncing around and being loud. It was fun to see where she will be and meet some of her cross country team mates.

We miss you Laura and hope to see you again soon!

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jamie said...

i had to click on that 2nd pic to make it big- to see if that was you or laura.. you are twins! :)