Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh what fun, Isaac is ONE!!!!!!

Oh what fun,
Isaac Robert, today you are one!

I can't believe it was just a year ago today 
when you finally arrived safely.

Premature labor at 29 weeks sent mom to the couch
to keep you growing until God was ready for you to come out.

Everyday we prayed and wondered how long it would be
before we could meet you and kiss your sweet cheeks.

February 24th was the day (He knew all along)
 when you would be born so healthy and strong.

 Only 3 hours of labor and a few pushes was all that it took
At 12:26pm you were born & you stole our hearts with one look.

21.5 inches long & 8 lbs 10.6 oz 
Red hair, blue eyes, long feet and long fingers
So perfect and distinctly resembling your brothers.

Your sweet demeanor is contagious as well as your smile.
I pray these stay with you for quite a long while.

You are growing so quickly and changing each day.
All day you are moving in one way or another
From rolling to crawling then standing all over 
Next walking at 10 months and now you are almost a runner!

You love to read books, chase a ball or play cars,
drag around a sword, wrestle with daddy or follow your brothers.

You also love to "help" mommy vacuum, sweep or do dishes
you scream if you can't see what someone's making for dinner.

You dance, "sing" songs, & speak your own language.
Wheels on the bus, Old Mac Donald, and superhero theme songs are your favorite.

You'll eat cereal, meat, yogurt, cheese & crackers,
most veggies and fruit (especially mandarin oranges) you find yummy.
You love to put beans, noodles, and popcorn in your tummy.

You sleep all night long with the help of your blankie.
And it's often a guarantee you will wake up from a nap and be snugglie.

You adore your big brothers and try so hard to keep up.
My heart melts when you're all together and they let you join in.
I pray you will become close as the years fly by
and I will be watching with tears in my eye.

 Isaac we love you and thank God for blessing us so
You have helped fill our home with love and laughter as we've watched you grow.

Stay sweet my dear Son, & keep those hugs and kisses coming.

Happy First Birthday Isaac!


Casey Spark said...

LOVE THIS!! So beautiful!!

Irene said...

Happy birthday, Isaac! and Becky and Richard, and Jonah and Elijah--it's a big day for the whole family and what an adorable one-year old you are! I love you all,
Grandma Renie