Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slowly But Surely

Slowly but surely these two boys are becoming friends.

I am amazed at how quickly Elijah has grown to love his little brother. 

Elijah will often help me with Isaac during the day, comfort him when he is upset, offer to watch him while I do some chores, or just allow him to play with him.

It makes my heart smile and makes me curious for what God has in store for them in the future. 

They will have one more year home together before Elijah starts school.
I have a feeling that Isaac will become Elijah's sidekick over the next year.

When Jonah gets home from school it is sure fun to see Isaac and Elijah's face light up!
The moments where I can hear them all playing are precious and I know I will miss that someday.

Not sure I will miss the fighting, whining, complaining, or crying, but I know I will miss the sweet sound of 3 brothers getting along!

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Irene said...

It does my heart good too, to see those boys playing together!