Friday, January 28, 2011

Special Visitors

A few weeks ago we had some very special visitors...
The Hawthornes!

One of the hardest things about leaving Iowa was leaving this lovely family
 whom had become like family to us. 

We met right before Jonah was born and our friendship has continued since despite our distance!
We have been fortunate to see them a few times a year as they are in St. Paul now and are a little closer than good old Iowa. 

We were honored to have them come and visit us in the arctic tundra.

They were slightly delayed due to the wonderful winter weather, but managed to get here Saturday and we enjoyed them for a full 24 hours. 

It was surreal to be together again and made my heart ache for their friendship.

It was also fun because we were able to meet the newest member of their family who was born in August. Yeah for Finn! He is so adorable and sweet!

 Here are all our boys!  5 boys in 6 years of friendship...not bad huh?

It was so fun to watch the older boys together because our boys remember and know Clint and Katy well and love Isaiah. 

They played very well together and our boys were very sad to see them leave.
As they were pulling away, Jonah said, "Mom, wouldn't it be sweet if they could stay for 100 days!" 

We were able to visit, share a meal at our favorite local restaurant, and relax together. 

Besides being so short, it was a perfect weekend!

Here are ALL the boys together!

Thanks for coming guys!  We sure miss your friendship and are so blessed and encouraged by you.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!