Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh The Places You Go!

Oh Isaac, you are getting into everything!

I love Dr. Suess and think he could have written a story about the places you typically go in our house.

You have discovered the kitchen cupboards and drawers
and often empty them before too long. 

You have a certain attraction to my hair dryer and enjoy watching me use it (bonus for me), dragging it around the house, or yelling into it like a megaphone barking orders at us in your adorable baby jibberish.

You share your daddy's love for plants. 
You may be need some more Iron in your diet as i have found you eating dirt 
on more than one occasion!

You share your mommy's love for chocolate though! 
If the fridge door is left open and you are able to sneak in there, the hershey syrup bottle is often your first choice!  I must say this does make me proud as I LOVE chocolate!

You share your brother's love for books. 
You enjoy being read to or reading yourself.
Your attention span doesn't allow for you to sit through too many, but its a great start!

You also enjoy our front window and looking out it.
I am sure the drapes have nothing to do with your fascination with this room in our house....
or the objects lined up on the windowsill by your big brothers...often just out of your reach. 

You also want to be everywhere your big brothers are. 
They are becoming more tolerant of you "playing" with them.
(For example: here you are the Joker destroying Gotham City while Elijah saves the citizens)

You are a busy and very curious boy.  
You are rarely still and unfortunately often are sneakily quiet about your adventures. 
You are still sweet as can be and although our snuggle time is decreasing at a rapid rate, you manage to steal my heart with sloppy kisses and hugs every once and awhile. 

I look forward to watching you go many more places as you grow Isaac.

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Irene said...

Thank you for sharing! The pictures and commentary are wonderful.
love you all,