Friday, January 21, 2011

Brothers 'Till The End!

These 3 brothers have such a special relationship.

To see such friendship and love at such an early age melts my heart.

Despite their major differences in personality...they have ALL started playing together

Or at least, they older 2 are including Isaac more. 

This is so fun to see. Isaac wants so desperately to be included by the older two and often just follows them around or sits and watches them with minimal problems.

Unless he is his normal destructive self, aka "Isaaczilla" as he roams the house destroying everything in his path or making messes.

This is the fort we built last weekend

I found Mario, Super baby, and Ninja boy inside.

We played for a few hours in this fort, having many adventures and rescuing people from bad guys.

It was tiring to say the least! 

Isaac was so darn cute in his super hero cape. He didn't seem to mind it and spent time wandering around the basement and then back over to the fort.  

He could barely fit standing up underneath it and thought it was pretty fun to walk all the way through.
Mostly because it created a rise out of his brothers...they were worried he would ruin the fort. 

I was pirate girl.

The following picture is definitely not one of my finest, but I will include it so you can have a good laugh get the full picture of our playtime.

Being the mother of 3 boys is quite exciting!

I pray for many more lazy Sundays filled with forts, pirates, superheros, ninjas, and video game characters.  I also pray for the bond of brotherhood to grow stronger through the years.

I love you boys!

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