Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Risque Wednesday

Wednesday's are exciting in our house.

Wednesday is garbage day and that means the garbage truck comes by.

The boys used to be super excited, but not as excited as Isaac.

Isaac gets so excited he starts shaking.

It is habit to announce that the garbage truck is coming when I hear it.

No matter where he is in the house, he will stop what he is doing and run to the front window squealing with excitement as the garbage truck goes by.

He will also apparently climb out of the tub, run to the window dripping wet, and wait for the garbage truck sans clothes!

He was taking a bath this morning and before thinking about the consequences...I announced the approaching garbage truck.  I was a little nervous when I peeked into the bathroom to see if he was disappointed about missing it and saw the tub sans Isaac.

I had to take a quick picture of it and stifle giggles.

Then I quickly grabbed clothes and dressed him before the truck came back down our side of the street.

Hope your Wednesday has been as entertaining as ours!

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