Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tons of Tears & Piles of Smiles

Yesterday was "one of those days" where nothing was going my way and I had spent the entire morning in tears...along with 3 of my children. 

Elijah was wanting attention and was acting out, Olivia was grumpy and screaming when I laid her down, and Isaac was being a holy terror.

I was trying to clean the house, get laundry done and put away, and prepare to be gone for the weekend (Olivia and I are going to Montana to watch a friend from childhood get married) and anything that could go wrong did. 

It was multiple little things all morning that kept building up and finally by 10am I was done with the drama.

I had been vacuuming and while I was doing that Isaac had been practicing his artistic skills on his bedroom wall.

While I was cleaning that up Olivia was pitching a royal fit in her swing because she had tipped over a bit and Elijah (who was right next to her) was plugging his ears and singing to her at the top of his lungs.

Olivia fell asleep and I was able to be productive for about 30 minutes. 

The boys were hungry at 1030 so I made lunch and we ate a little before 11.

After lunch I prayed that I would make it to Isaac's nap time and the day would turn around.

Then a series of events began that destroyed my hope for redemption in the day.

It started when Isaac dumped out 3 LARGE loads of clothes that had taken me most of the morning to fold. Ahhhhhhhhh!

He was running from the other side of the room and jumping into the piles of clothes.

I typically fold clothes in the basement while he plays and allow him to do this as I get through the piles, so I believe it was slightly innocent that he did this. 

Then he woke Olivia up from her nap and she had spit up all over herself so I changed her diaper and clothes and discovered Isaac had a poopy diaper. 

I laid her down in her crib and changed him, but it was one that warranted a bath afterwards. 

So I sent him to the bathroom to wait for me...with just his shirt on.

Olivia then threw up more and I decided to strip her down and bathe her too.

The doorbell rang.

Which Isaac went to answer in just his shirt.

Fortunately it was a good friend and fellow momma of 4 who allowed me to vent a bit about my day.

During our 2 minute conversation Isaac peed on the floor in the bathroom and unrolled the toilet paper.


Funny because I had considered washing the bathroom floor that morning but decided that wasn't making the priority list and waited. 

Guess he decided it needed to move up on the priority list. 

So I put him in the tub and washed the floor...oh and this is when I discovered poop that had been hidden under the stool.


Then I washed Olivia and Isaac up and while I was getting her dressed he dumped out a shampoo bottle so I had to get some clean water to wash him off with since there was about 4 inches of bubbles in the tub.  While I did this Olivia spit up some her crib....all over her freshly washed sheets...and needed to be changed again

I was able to get Isaac and Olivia down for a nap and was hoping everyone would be a bit happier after this.


After school everyone was crabby and naughty.

I tried to get supper started early (we were having Tacos and Richard had his heart set on this) so we could attend a music class at 5pm.

Instead we all ate a nice big snack and headed to music class.

Somehow we made it through the Move and Groove music class,  the boys LOVE, at my friend Natalie's chiropractic business (Plain's Chiropractic). 

(You should check it out if you are in Grand Forks)

Music class was great and for 30 minutes we all had a great time laughing, playing and singing.

Just what this momma needed. 

Music class was started a bit late, thus running a bit late and when we left I had negative energy left for making supper. 

So, I broke Richard's heart and told him taco night would have to be postponed and we were headed to Arby's where I thought there was a kid event going on.

When we got to Arby's we were greeted by Kelly from Piles of Smiles Entertainment.

(Tuesdays from 6-8pm they are there doing free face painting and balloon twisting and you get a free kids meal for every adult meal you purchase)

She was there doing free face painting and balloon twisting!

I had heard of this before, but we had never been able to participate in an event.

She graciously made multiple balloon creatures for the boys while we enjoyed supper.

Then she did an AMAZING job painting their faces. 

She painted Jonah and Elijah's face first.

They convinced me to have my face painted (which I was hesitant to do, but knew it would make the boys happy so I participated) and Isaac wanted to be included so she painted his arms instead of his face. 

It was a great way to end our day. 

Here are some fun pictures we took when we got home...

Jonah with his St. Patty's creation and arm snake...

Isaac wanted both arms painted after she did the first one. 

He was so excited and ran around Arby's making snakelike noises afterwards...

Elijah had a "monster mask"

Here are the 3 boys with their snake arms...

Here is my face painted...

Olivia didn't have her face painted, but she was super cute and I couldn't resist including her...

This is Jonah's snake arm...

Jonah's face...

Elijah's arm...

So the day of tears turned into smiles.

Thankful for a new day today, less tears and more smiles. 

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