Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Know You're From North Dakota When....

You know you are from North Dakota when....

it is a balmy 38 degrees out and you get "hot" running around outside so you pull your pants up and run some more with makeshift shorts...

Shortly after this they took off their coats and just had a t-shirt on, but Isaac was out there too and he took his shoes off so I had to intervene and missed out on more photos.

These 2 crack me up.

Funny how they were both pretty wimpy our first winter here after moving back from Iowa whining about the cold and here they are wanting to be out in shorts and a t-shirt in 38 degrees.

I have been wearing ballet flats all winter with no socks and have shocked a few people with my lack of winter shoes...Richard doesn't even wear a winter coat...guess we are true North Dakotans.

Now for a slightly unrelated story...

A few weeks ago we went to TJ Maxx and picked up a gift for a friend's birthday party.

A sweet nerf gun that the boys and I drooled over.

We had originally chosen legos for their friend, but as I was corralling my small herd of children towards the door we all saw the nerf gun.

It was one of those moments in the movies where light shines from it and angels sing when you see it.

There were 2 of them.

The boys proposed that we could get one for their friend and one for ourselves to share.

They were all jumping up and down and begging me.

Even Isaac joined in...."peas momma, gun peas momma."

I secretly wanted this gun for our home as I knew it would be SWEET fun and it was ridiculously cheap, but knew that would also be a poor lesson for the boys to learn.

So their hearts broke a little when I said no, but I did allow them to purchase swimming goggles.

They had been asking for them for some time and I knew they would be a more practical purchase.

They were tearing into the packages before we were out of the parking lot.

I looked back at them in my rearview mirror, when we were almost home to remind them that they needed to get their pjs on and get ready for the next day and they both were sitting silently looking out the window...with their goggles on.

It was fabulous.

Then we got home and they ran around in the front yard wearing their goggles, no coats and with their winter boots on

They were spies with "night vision" and I tried to snap a few pictures, but my camera struggled with the poor lighting.  

I will miss this for sure. 

Days of little boys parading around my yard with their pants pulled up or swimming goggles on their face.  I am thankful for pictures.

Plus they will make great graduation signs....or blackmail for teenagers who are thinking of coming home after curfew.

Or just sweet memories for a momma of multiple boys.

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