Monday, March 5, 2012

Randomness and Thank You Pinterest

Warning: this is a random post...

This 5 year old is begging to go to Kindergarten...and while I am excited for him to begin this new adventure in the fall....I will sure miss him all day and his sweet craziness that keeps me laughing all day long....

Thank you Pinterest for all your wonderful ideas and way of making me feel productive while I sit in front of the computer and feed Olivia...

My sister, mom and I tackled our first DIY project this weekend.

A fabric tie wreath.

Easy, but a little too time consuming for me.

Just take fabric scraps, cut them into 1 inch by 8 inch (roughly) strips and tie around a wire hanger, foam wreath from Michaels, or a wire wreath hanger (that's what I picked)

 Richard loves it and wishes it could be on our front door, but is afraid of how it will clash with our red door.....right (can you read my sarcasm???)! So for now, it is here until I figure out where else to put it

Our St. Patty's Day decorations are out and Jonah found it odd that I had multiple signs saying "Kiss me I'm Irish"  It concerned him even more when he learned that he is Irish.

Anyone know where this phrase came from?

He was also concerned with the frog in the is actually a vase that I got as a gift from my mom when Isaac was born.  She thought it would be appropriate for the mother of 3 boys to have a frog vase...I agree!)  I told Jonah he should get me some flowers and he looked outside and said I would have to wait because they would be dead right now. 

This little lady has rolled from her stomach to her back and today I caught her attempting to roll from her back to her stomach....she was so close!

Not ready for her to be mobile.

Olivia is done eating now so I best get back to work!

Busy week ahead and lots to do!

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