Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheeeese With 'Livia Peas!

*First off, I am so behind on blogging it is ridiculous.  I have been limiting my blogging to when I feed Olivia and she is becoming more and more distracted while eating so feeding her and typing has become a bit of a challenge. While I have a handful of posts waiting to be finished, I wanted to share this one before I forgot the moment...

Last week Isaac came up to me and said "Cheese with Livia Peas"

He had just finished not eating his lunch.    

He currently has this awful habit of not wanting to eat anything that I give him, but if wanting whatever I make for I have been just making myself whatever I want him to have then cutting it into 2

Sneaky, but he doesn't always fall for it and this happened to be one of those days.

 So I figured he was hungry and I asked him if he wanted to eat more and reminded him that Olivia can only have mommy's milk still.

He frequently offers her some of his food, but then tells her "No, no 'Livia, not for you"

I am unsure if he is teasing her or really wanting to share and just reminding her that she can't have it.

He laughed at me and said, "No momma! Get camera. Icass and Livia cheese on couch."
(adorable...he wanted me to take a picture of him and Olivia on the couch)

So he climbed up there and asked to hold her.

Then I grabbed my camera and snapped the following pictures that melt my heart...

Could they be any cuter?

He absolutely adores her!


She started getting a little his arms....being smothered with kisses and hugs....

So we took a few more side by side.

Then she started sliding down and he was imitating her...

And then the kodak moment was over.

He slid off the couch and ran downstairs yelling about his trucks.

Even though having these 4 children, with these 2 being so small and close together has been the hardest thing I have ever done challenging, days like this make me wish I could freeze time.

I know they won't be little forever.

So I will hold onto these moments...while they quickly pass me by.

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