Friday, March 2, 2012

Olivia the Cookie Monster?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I try to run my errands if we need to while Elijah is in preschool as it is easier to do this with only 2 kids than all 4.

Target is one of our most frequented errand stores.

Isaac, Olivia and I have a little routine for Target to make it go smoothly.

First we look at the dollar section, then we head to the toys (via the baby girls clothes) and then we get any toothpaste, shampoo, etc on the way to get a cookie for Isaac from the bakery (free for kids) and I have to quickly do my grocery shopping while he enjoys his cookie.

If Olivia is sleeping I leave her in her carseat, otherwise I wear her (either the moby wrap or baby hawk).

So today Isaac enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie while we shopped and I had Olivia in the carrier.

He kept saying No to her and I couldn't figure out what was going on. 

She was happily cooing at him and swinging her arms while excitedly kicking her legs at him.

He thought she was trying to grab his cookie while he was showing it to her and this stressed him out.

While I was examining granola, some cookie war occurred between the two of them and Isaac started screaming at the top of his lungs.

(if you were in Target this am around 1030 you probably heard us...even if you weren't in the grocery still probably heard us)

Through tears he claimed she had the cookie and he got it back. 

(I was sure she couldn't have possibly touched the cookie, but reassured Isaac she wouldn't get it again)

Of course there were more tears and fortunately the only casualties were a few crumbs.

Isaac kept saying "No Livia, Not for you!" while we shopped.

She of course remained angelically innocent looking the entire time, smiling and cooing at everything.

Then he started calling her the cookie monster.

I laughed to myself thinking that this was only the beginning of the battles between these two and laughed thinking there was really no way she could have touched the cookie.

She is only 4 months old and while she is pretty good at grabbing toys in front of her, there was no evidence to prove otherwise....or so I thought. 

Now when you have multiple small children in your home, it isn't uncommon to find evidence of things where they shouldn't belong.  Like smears of toothpaste in the bathtub, or cracker crumbs in someone's bed, or brown "smears" in randomly around the toilet.

You can either use your momma detective skills to figure out or...

I have found it is often better not to ask how _____ got there or why and clean it up and move on with 
my day.

Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me and I just have to know.
Like when we got home and I laid Olivia down to play while I made lunch and noticed something brown on the arm of her shirt....
Now, my first thought is brown = poop and how or why does my baby girl have poop on her arm.
(this is especially alarming when you consider that her poop is still yellow not brown)

So I asked Isaac and he ran over and smelled it.

He smiled and said, "Mmmmm, chocolate"

Then Olivia smiled....

I smiled too realizing that she must have actually touched the cookie, or at least gotten a few crumbs of chocolate on her arm during the cookie feud at Target. 

Isaac called her the cookie monster a few more times and I tried not to laugh.

I apologized to Isaac for not believing him at Target and he scolded her a few more times.

The whole time she was smiling.

Oh dear, this is only the beginning I am afraid!

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