Friday, April 13, 2012

The Mommarazzi

I take a lot of pictures.

Mostly of my kids.

I have a small addiction to feeling the need to document our lives via pictures.

This is especially true of special occasions and holidays. 

Richard loves this about me. 

(Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?)

I have gotten better about not getting too stressed out about getting the "perfect" shot.

One because I am far from being a good photographer and two my kids are more than likely going to remember my need to document our lives, but I hope it isn't a negative memory for them. 

They will sit around when they are older and say...

 Remember when mom used to make us take pictures ALL the time!

Yeah, wasn't that so great of her?

Wow! She is the best mom ever!

Well they won't be bragging about my great cooking or clean house so I can hope they are appreciative of the pictures I took ;0)

What I want to know is why is it so hard...

to get four small children...

to cooperate and look at the camera for just one picture????

 Someone always ends up in tears,...

trying to escape,

or not cooperating...

After a valliant effort, we FINALLY get one decent picture...

I wanted just one of them standing so you could see the height difference...

This time only took

a few tries...

to get a GREAT one!

Whew! Being the mommarazzi is tough work!

But someone's got to do it!

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