Saturday, April 7, 2012

5 months old

Olivia is 5 months old!!!!

I can't believe it (I think I say that every month but it is true)

This little lady is getting big way too fast.

She is scooting around in circles and pushing her arms up and sticking her cute little but up in the air.

She is still a great baby and has done pretty well in her own room.

She is happy 99.9% of the time and the few times she isn't she gets over it pretty fast.

She has started swinging her arms around and discovering her voice.

She also is fascinated with her feet and when I try sit her up she tips over or ends up diving face first to investigate them. 

Isaac still loves her to death and was a tad jealous of the 5 month pic photo shoot so jumped in for one.

She is pretty long, but still very petite compared to her big brothers. 

She is wearing 6-9 month clothes mostly and a few 12 month things (that are big of course, but all I just happened to have them and they are just too cute)

In case you are wondering, yes she does wear a headband daily and I do take it off for naps and bedtime, but otherwise she leaves them on and doesn't complain. 

She has started taking longer naps most days, which is nice, and going to bed shortly after the boys, which is also nice, and sleeping most of the night. 

She thinks she needs to snack at night and although I know this needs to stop, her sweet smile and quivering lip when I try just wrap her up and put her back to sleep without milk just breaks my heart.

We have been able to be outside a bit more and she seems to really enjoy it. 

I either have her on a big blanket doing some tummy time or safe in a bouncy chair easily entertained by her big brothers. 

She is adorable and we are still madly in love with her sweet, laid back, loving little self. 

I feel like it was just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital!

I also find myself being attached to her cute little clothes and when she outgrows them I have a hard time putting them away. 

Speaking of clothes, I had a humbling baby girl shopping experience recently. 

I was looking for leggings  that were 6-9 month or even 12 month because she is so long legged and it is still a bit cool for shorts or just a dress. 

I was having a hard time finding them because the summer clothes are out and was excited to find a lone pair of 12 month leggings for super cheap at Kohls. 

I figured they would be big, but she could just wear them a little longer. 

When I put them on her they weren't as long as I expected them to be considering they were 12 months.

Next time I was out shopping at Kohls, looking for more leggings I found the same ones only they were capris, which is why they weren't that long. 

Oops. Funny how after shopping for little boys for years where there are only 2 options: pants and shorts I forgot about capris ;0)

So I figured I still got a good deal because she can wear them as leggings now and capris later.

2 for 1 right? 

I will say that the selection for girls' clothes is overwhelming compared to the choices for little boys. 

I have found myself becoming overstimulated by all the choices and trying to figure out all the options: shirts, dresses, tunics, capris, skirts, leggings, etc...

Buying girlie things is sure fun though ;0) 

I keep praying that she will like dresses when she gets older, but figure that I will make sure she gets good use out of them until she has an opinion. 

Then I guess I won't be surprised if she is playing in the dirt and running around in jeans and sweatpants with her big brothers. 

Girls can get dirty in dresses and leggings too though right?

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