Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today my darling husband turns 30!!!!!!

In honor of this I made a list of 30 things that I love about him, find cute, or simply make me smile...
(in no particular order here are my 30 somethings about Richard...)
  •  1:He LOVES running. (This is not a surprise to anyone who knows him) He has been a runner as long as I have known him (almost 15 years) and while he has taken a few breaks he has been very dedicated to this favorite past time of his. This dedication has resulted in getting up super early to squeeze in his runs or staying up late so he can spend time with the kids and I and run while we are sleeping!
  • 2: He is passionate about coaching other runners.  He has coached track and cross country for the last 5 years in one way or another and he definitely has a way with these athletes.  He desires to not only help them become better runners but learn important lessons about life while doing it.  He also loves helping family and friends become passionate about running. While I am not a fan of being a widow to the running seasons, I love watching him coach.
  • 3: He is good at pretty much anything he does.  It is crazy, impressive and hilarious at the same time.  Even his runners have noticed this about him.
  • 4:  He has an amazing ability to remember movies, movie quotes, songs, lyrics, and the song artists. He can also remember running how fast someone ran the mile at the last track meet or how much they improved by or a play by play of his workout (how fast he ran, his average heart rate, and other crazy stats).
  • 5: In regards to the above bullet...this is where his amazing memory stops.  He struggles to remember lots of other things....even our own children's birthdays correctly if you catch him off guard :0)
  • 6: He is an individual and always has been...or at least as long as I have known him.  He doesn't like to be the same as everyone else and doesn't worry about what others think of him. 
  • 7: He is a really good procrastinator. (remember when I said he was good at everything he does, well he is even good at this) This quality drives me CRAZY often and also continues to amaze me that he somehow gets whatever task done and suffers no consequences. 
  • 8: He is a fabulous cook and enjoys spending hours making delicious meals and trying new recipes.  He is a much better cook than I am. 
  • 9:  He enjoys spending quality time together and being outside versus sitting in front of the tv. He loves to ride bike, go for walks, play games and just hang out. 
  • 10: Speaking of outside, he would probably live out there if I let him.  He loves doing just about anything that involves the outdoors.  I am a fan of hotels, but have been learning to enjoy camping more ;0)
  • 11: He LOVES coffee and he likes it black and strong. I am not sure I have seen him go for more than a few days without his precious drink.
  • 12: He helps around the house all the time...picking up, cleaning, doing laundry, etc.  Yep, he's a keeper!
  • 13: He loves Jesus and is constantly teaching our kids about Him, reminding me to trust Him and is my rock when life throws curve balls. 
  • 14: He is a wonderful husband and I love him more and more each day.  He loves me for who I am, encourages me to be better and challenge myself, and makes me feel beautiful especially when I don't feel like I am. 
    • 15: He is an amazing father to our 4 children.  He loves them all so much and they adore him.  He spends quality time with them daily and it is a high priority for him.  They are so blessed to have him as a father and I am so blessed to be parenting beside him. 
    • 16: He loves his job. He has been teaching at a middle school teaching interventions. So essentially he finds joy in helping struggling middle school students succeed.  I have stopped by his room a few times for a visit and I am always amazed by the way he is able to connect with the students and help them succeed.  
    • 17:  He is very handy around the house and has yet to encounter a project he can't tackle alone.
    • 18:  He has a few obsessive compulsive traits and likes to have a place for things. Each child we have had, has allowed this quality to be a little more lax than when we were first married, but he still makes sure drawers are shut, beds are made, and things are in their proper place. He especially is particular about setting the table. Sometimes when I set the table, I put the forks in the wrong place just to watch him move them. 
    • 19: He is sarcastic and while most people up North here understand his humor, this sarcasm wasn't understood by many strangers in Iowa and I often had to interpret his intentions. He keeps me laughing and I enjoy a little playful banter from his sarcasm.
    • 20:  He enjoys eating and there are few things he won't eat. He will also often eat more of the main course before he would save room for dessert. I am always amazed at his ability to do this!
    • 21: Speaking of dessert, he prefers pie over cake (unless it's chocolate bundt cake) and doesn't get tempted by brownies or cookies.  He can also eat his ice cream really slowly. This amazes me!
    • 22: He hates shopping and getting his pictures taken...otherwise he doesn't complain about much.
    • 23: He is extremely patient...more so than myself.  Perhaps that is why he is able to teach middle school students.
    • 24: He doesn't enjoy talking on the phone. This may be one of the few things I can do better than him. 
    • 25: Speaking of words...he is a man of few words. I am sure he could win a contest for going the longest without speaking...and be perfectly find about it.  However, I love listening to his voice and encourage him to use it often. 
    • 26: He appreciates music and is always introducing me to new songs and artists that aren't well known or popular. He also likes a wide variety of music. 
    • 27: He has trouble sleeping in. I will never understand this. 
    • 28: Spelling is not his strong suit. I find it adorable when I find words misspelled on the grocery list or on notes around the house.  He finds it frustrating.
    • 29: It is rare that he purchases a present for any occasion before the day of...he may have even been late for functions because he was buying a gift!
    • 30: He is my best friend.  He knows me better than myself and when he looks at me he can see straight into my soul.  He is one of my greatest blessings and I still find myself in awe that God brought us together. Happy 30th Birthday Love!

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