Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Not To Love

I worked all weekend and am a bit behind on my blogging, but...

I am so thankful for my great co-workers who helped me get through the weekend.

So grateful for Richard who did an excellent job caring for the three amigos while I slept.

He probably wouldn't choose to do that every day, but he kept everyone alive and managed to stay sane in the process!

It may have helped that Isaac slept for 10 HOURS each night for him!

However, I thought it would only be fair of me to share this adorable picture of Isaac while I play catch up at home and with the boys.

We all headed to the indoor water park this morning for a fun day of splashing, laughing, and wetness. My sister Laura joined us too!

We had a nice picnic when we got home and everyone is passed out!

Isn't he adorable?

I mean what's not to love?

Off to tend to the piles of laundry that are calling my name while the little ones are sleeping.

I better hurry.

I have a date with some dinosaurs, army men and a 3 year old when he wakes up.

Plus it is 80 degrees outside so I may have to sneak in a few minutes on the picnic blanket before the chaos begins after naptime...

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