Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toddler vocabulary

Elijah's favorite thing right now is to ask why things are called what they are. Jonah does a pretty good job explaining things to him, but every once and awhile they both get phrases a little mixed up or wrong and it's simply adorable. Here are a few comments or phrases I have heard them say lately...

  • "Last one to the car is a sloppy egg!" (I am pretty sure they mean rotten egg)
  • "It's okay that we are going to the mall after supper because the mall stays up late" (open late)
  • "Mom have you seen my suitbag? I need it for my sleepover at Grandma's!"(also known as a suitcase)
  • " This gun is really sweet because it doesn't die me. Only you, because I have super powers" (or it doesn't kill me)
  • "For my birthday I want the new Iron man that I saw in the path at Target. You know the path with all the superheroes" (pretty sure this one is supposed to be aisle).
  • "Oh, I remember this store! I love Old Lady" (Old Navy)
  • "Yeah, we are eating at Ground Ground" (Ground Round)
  • "Can I have yogurt with grumpies in it?" (We refer to granola as crunchies so this is what he was meaning)
  • "Mom I am just doing what God says...be helpless!" (Elijah was saying this as he was putting his dishes in the dishwasher...I told him it was helpful. I guess he is kind of listening to me)
  • "I want to wear jammies with long shorts, not short pants mom." (also known as pants and shorts)
  • "Well it looks like it's going to be a floggy day. Bummer." (foggy)
  • " Lets go to Warmlart. I love that place! That's where brave soldiers like me shop" (Walmart)
The other day we were at my parents house and my sister Laura was trying to open a new package of deli ham.

Laura said: "How do you open this?"

Elijah took it from her and said: "here, let me do it!"

Laura: "okay..."

Elijah: "Mom, I need you to open this!" (and he brought it to me to open and then gave it back to Laura after I had opened it!)


It's tough having an English teacher for a hubby when your kiddos say such cute things wrong! Sometimes I just want to refer to the phrase or word like they do because it is so cute and they won't say it forever!

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Cindy and company said...

Too cute! Tell Richard to chill. And talk to your babies using their own toddlerisms. Enjoy! Love you!