Friday, May 7, 2010

I did survive

I had to go back to work this week and I did survive.

It was so hard to leave my baby and the boys.

Despite the rough time we have had around here lately, the transition went surprisingly well.

By the grace of God, my transition back to work went well also.

I am not going to lie. There may have been a few times I felt like crying, felt inadequate, and wondered if I could go home scared.

After being on bedrest from mid December to early February, working for only a few weeks, and then having Isaac and thus being home on maternity leave for 10 weeks I was feeling a little rusty!

It didn't help that I was the most experienced nurse working + had two new nurses with me (who were amazing) and was not only trying to remember how to just do my job, but learning a new computer system for charting that went live while I was on maternity leave!

I have FABULOUS co-workers though, and I couldn't have imagined celebrating Nurse's week any differently. It is such a blessing to be working with so many nurse's who truly value our profession and give so much of themselves to help these babies grow.

I also received a few phone calls and notes from friends and family wishing me good luck! Thanks!! That meant so much to me!

The best part about it all was knowing my babies were in such great hands! Richard is an amazing daddy and his first nights alone with all 3 went pretty well I think. He even humored me by texting me when he was feeding Isaac, so I wouldn't worry about him!

My baby sister Laura watched the 3 boys while I slept each day and she did fantastic. The older two LOVED the extra attention and time with their auntie Laura and Isaac loved the snuggle time.

It was humbling to be back at work though. I still feel so blessed that Isaac is a nice BIG healthy boy instead of the tiny little preemie that he could have been! God is good. I am thankful for the added perspective to my job, after my own experience with pre-term labor, bedrest, and Isaac being born. I know it has made me a better nurse.

Even though it was so hard to leave, I forgot how great it is to hear "Mooommmmyyy!!!!!" when I walked in the door. Or how fun it is to see your infant get so excited at the sound of your voice (certainly not just because I am his milk source, but because he missed me)!

Either way I survived. Thank you Jesus.

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Cindy and company said...

So glad that everything went well. You are a wonderful nurse and I bet everyone was happy to have you back. I am absolutely positive and confident in Richard's ability to handle the "men". Way to go, Becky!