Monday, May 31, 2010

For $1

There aren't many things you can purchase for just $1 these days...

I brought the older 2 to the Dollar Tree on Saturday and told them they could pick 1 thing.

For $1, my 3 year old became the happiest boy in town.

I forgot how much junk, I mean treasure, is contained within the walls of that store.

While I saw aisles of endless items that my children could destroy in hours or days, my boys saw the same items and imagined how they could be a pirate, a detective, or a superhero with each piece of treasure.

The boys were torn between glow-stick light sabers, those crazy glasses with the nose and mustache, race cars, and sand toys.

Elijah originally chose a different prize, but then his dreams came true when he spotted this:

Not to long ago I shared here about Elijah's new love for kittens and butterflies.

He has also been devastated on numerous occasions when he sees butterfly items for little girls. He doesn't understand why they don't make things for little boys with butterflies on them!

He was really in heaven when my sister gave him an old trophy she won in an 8th grade basketball tournament. He loves it because it has the number 3 (3rd place) on it and he is 3!

Jonah chose a GIANT magnifying glass for his treasure!

Richard thinks I have scarred them for life by documenting these special moments.

I don't agree.

If anything, they will be great for graduation down the road.

Or blackmail for when they are teenagers.

Either way, I am pretty proud of our dollar store treasures and I think these pictures are great!

I pray they are able to grow up without caring what others think of them.

I know I have wasted many hours of my life doing that.

I am so grateful for the amazing imaginations they have been blessed with!

Plus, for $2 this picture will make lots of people smile for many years.

It may have been the best $2 I have spent in a long time.

Elijah has been "snuggling" with his wings for nap and bedtime and
he even wore his wings to lunch after church on Sunday.

If the smiles on the boys' faces weren't enough to justify spending the $2, the smiles on almost everyone we encountered at the restaurant sealed the deal.

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