Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey there mister mister

Hey there mister mister how did you become so big so fast?

It seems like just yesterday Isaac was this little 8 lb peanut coming home from the hospital.

And somehow, 11 weeks later he weighs almost 16 lbs
(fully clothed at the doctor yesterday...he has pinkeye...compliments of Elijah)!
Poor little man!

I was in denial that he was getting so big so I found the same sleeper we brought him home from the hospital in to help feed the delusion. Only this one is a 6-9 month sleeper instead of a newborn one!

Instead of thinking about how fast he is growing, I am channeling that energy into other things like trying to find a nick name for him.

Jonah pronounces his name "Izeeke so Richard thought "Zeke" would work.

My sister suggested "Zeke Bobby" (Isaac Robert)

I have been calling him mister mister for now.

The Jury is still out. We are welcoming suggestions.

Isaac is 11 weeks old and still a great baby!

Praise the Lord!

He has been going a little longer at night and not eating as often during the day.

His hair is growing in nicely (it is still strawberry blonde if you were wondering), and his cradle cap is almost gone (thanks to head and shoulders shampoo)! Hurray!

He also started grabbing things. So cute!

He is still adored by his brothers.

He likes to practice big boy things like sitting up.

He is "cooing" more and more and has blown a few raspberries with his tongue.

The big boys find this entertaining.

Most of all my mister mister still fills my heart with joy and gives my arms an excellent workout.
Don't you just want to kiss him?

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