Saturday, May 22, 2010

Right Now

Right now rain is pouring down, the sky is filled with lightening
and the house is shaking from thunder.

Right now I am overwhelmed by God's presence and power.

Right now I hear the sweet sound of silence...well almost.

If you don't count the whispers of two little boys who are marveling at God's beauty and wishing they could watch the "sweet thunderstorm" instead of going to bed

or the sweet sound of our littlest man sleeping soundly.

Right now there are piles of laundry to be washed and folded
the floors are dirty, things are strewn about, and there are toys that need to be put away.

Right now I am sure that can be done tomorrow...or the next day.

Right now I am thankful for recent days filled with giggles and exploration
instead of time outs and tears.

Right now I am thankful for days of encouragement and progress
instead of feelings of failure and frustration.

Right now I am thankful for God's abundant grace as we continue to climb out of the nasty rut we had been in with LONG days filled with testing toddlers and adjusting to life with a baby.

Right now I am thankful for strength to face each day on minimal sleep
and for caffeine in the form of Starbucks.

Right now I am blessed to have a husband who finds my post-baby body beautiful and encourages me to embrace my baby gut and wear it proudly.

Right now my soul smiles thinking about bear hugs & sticky kisses from little boys or sweet smiling faces covered in dirt from a hard day playing outside.

Right now I am thankful for the moments of sunshine amidst the storms in our lives.

Right now I am enjoying today and trying not to worry about tomorrow.

Right now the storm is passing and I pray the sun will continue to shine.

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