Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Well friends it is that wonderful day at the beginning of the week that used to make me go ughh, but now, thanks to MckMama, I go Hurray! Please join in this wonderful denial of truth as I start my week off right...
  1. I did NOT work almost 50 hours last week, and wonder why it took me all weekend to recover because I do NOT normally work 24 hours a week!
  2. Since I did NOT work the above mentioned hours, I did NOT hear my children ask me if I was going to work now anytime I was out of their sight or was leaving the house. This did NOT break my heart!
  3. I did NOT neglect my piles (and I mean PILES people) of projects, to-do-lists, etc all week as I worked a ton and decided to spend the rest of the time just hanging out with my boys.
  4. I did NOT finally go out and buy the paint to finish the boys' room, only to run out of time to actually do it. Grrrr! I am NOT bitter about this at all.
  5. I am NOT super excited to go to Iowa City next weekend for a well deserved visit to some wonderful friends, who all are going to be in town. I am NOT also super excited to go on a double date Valentine's day with two of our favorite people!
  6. I did NOT watch a super cheesy, but inspirational Christian movie I picked up at the library with Richard this week that hit home. "Facing the Giants" was actually good!
  7. I did NOT get to spend some great time with my family this weekend, making me thankful for being in this arctic city!
  8. I did NOT become extremely curious when Richard told me he had a surprise in the basement for me after working out. I was NOT shocked, amazed, impressed, and turned on when he demonstrated his "trick" being a handstand down to the floor where he proceed to do "the worm" perfectly! If I can figure out how to upload a video I will definitely devote a post to it!
  9. I did NOT find a book at the library appropriately titled "Uff-da" (this is only special to those of you of Scandinavian decent)
  10. I did NOT wonder what happened to the month of January and drag out a few Valentine's Day decorations, but leave my favorite light-up-tree decorations out for just a little longer!

What didn't you do this week? It feels so good. Cheers to a fresh start!


Cindy and company said...

i want to see that video!

Prachar family said...

Ugh, sorry you had to work so much! I pray you have a WONDERFUL trip to Iowa City! Trying not to be jealous! Sign me up for that video too!

Richard and Becky said...

Good to know I can still turn you on...I don't know if Cindy should be allowed to see the video.