Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

(These are some fun decorations in our house)

Love, Love, Love. Today is Valentine's Day and it is one of my favorite days.  Richard would disagree with me, and in fact, he despises this day!  I, on the other hand, find it wonderfully romantic.  I am a sucker for decorations, cute cards, fun cookies, etc.  I do love flowers, candy, cards, gifts of course, but I do appreciate the way my husband shows me he loves me every day of the year and try to appreciate the fact that he refuses to participate in a holiday in which he is forced to show me his love just because of the date on the calendar.

I can write this because he probably won't read it until some time later!  If you have been reading my blog you are aware that I do think very fondly of my husband and hold him in the highest regards (don't get me wrong he is a GREAT guy).  As I reflect upon the last almost 12 years I have known him and think of how our love has grown leaps and bounds (especially since we were married almost 6 years ago) I am astounded.  When most people get married they can't imagine life without their spouse and mostly just can't imagine why everyone keeps telling them to get ready for a rough first year.  I think I felt that way and our first year was tough, but not as hard as everyone made it out to be.  However, love in a marriage is so different that love outside of it.  

After all these years I can say I love my husband so much more than I could ever have imagined.  Not because he is attractive, treats me nice, rubs my achy legs after work, but because he loves me sacrificially.  He made a vow to me years ago to love me as Christ does and I did the same.  Our marriage isn't perfect, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  We are learning daily how to love each other better and placing our relationship above our busy lives and other distractions. We are a team and we strengthen each other.

So, although I often tease Richard that I would love flowers, chocolates, fine jewelry, etc on the holiday he dreads...I am so grateful for the sacrificial love you show me every day. The way you love our boys, the delicious meals, the bread you bake or clothes you wash, staying up late even when you have to get up early and I don't just so we can spend time together, the dishes you wash, the way you make me feel like a princess despite what I think of myself, and so much more!  I love you always.


rod said...

Happy Valentines Day ! Drive carefully. There's not enough pictures on your blog of the boy and their gray haired grampa. Love you all !

Cindy and company said... sweet. Hope you are having a good time in Iowa City! Too bad you didn't make the trip next weekend. We could've met you there. We need to plan these things better ;)

Richard and Becky said...

You are right; I just read this today, the 10th of March. Beck, thanks for doing your best to try to understand me and my unconventional detest for this holiday. You are right in saying that we are daily learning how to love one another. Perhaps one day I will get to the point where I will give you a flower (or even a card) on Valentine's Day because I know you desire it. Thank you for your patience, for putting up with my shortcomings, and loving me with all you have to give. I will continue to do the same until the end, my dear.

As you wish.