Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adventures in Motherhood

Ever since I was a small child I have dreamed of someday becoming a mother. I would dream about what my children would look like, how they would act, what I would name them, etc. Of course, since I only had sisters, my dreams included daughters not sons. My dream children were perfect, they were sweet, respectful, and always obeyed. 

Wow, reality check please. Thanks God. So Motherhood hasn't been perfect, I have two beautiful, rambunctious, loving, boys, and they aren't perfect either. Weird huh? Although, I have learned that motherhood is everything but perfect between the sleepless nights, worrying as you hold a sick child in the middle of the night, disobedient toddlers, messes after you just spent hours cleaning your home, and much more.  However, God has chosen me to mother these amazing little miracles. He is always there and He is perfect! He will give me all I need to do this unbelievably rewarding task. There will be good days, there will be bad days. There will be days where you wish you had a handful more cause they are just so sweet and loving. There will be days where you wish you had a few more of yourself to take care of just the two you have and that they are plenty!  

God continues to teach me along the way and continues to soften my heart, soul and mind.  I love this and wouldn't trade it for anything. The snotty kisses, the chocolate fingered hugs, the coughs in your face, and the sweet I love you's when they know they have done something wrong and are truly sorry. 

My adventures in motherhood haven't been perfect in the sense that I dreamt about as a little girl as I played with my dolls.  It has been perfect because it has been God's plan for my life, our lives, the boys' lives. That is good enough for me. 

My house won't ever be clean (for more than 15 minutes), my children won't be perfect, I won't always do the right thing, but it will be an adventure that I am glad to be a part of.  Does it really matter in the long run? Nope.  

God please give me strength, encouragement, and wisdom as I guide these two little souls. They are a precious gift from you and help me to see them the way You do every day.  Help me to teach them about Your love and equip them so they may head out into this dark, hurtful world, where You are always present despite what others might be saying or doing.  I pray they will grow to be young men  who have a heart for Your love and willingly share this with others. I praise you for this opportunity and for a new opportunity each day to embark on the adventures in motherhood. 


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Prachar family said...

Okay, I have cried through 2 posts now! Riley just came in the room and in a very 9 year old boy way asked, "Are you crying??" You know that way that says, "What is wrong with you, you are weird!"

So much truth in this post! Thanks for sharing your heart. You have a gift for that! I think even if I knew you more in Iowa, I wouldn't have KNOWN you more like I do from reading your blog!