Monday, February 9, 2009

Not me! Monday

It just so happens to be Monday, which means...MckMama's denial of truth! Please join in the fun, or at least laugh on my behalf of what I did NOT do this week.

  • I did NOT have last week off and have HUGE plans to get tons done and become distracted by multiple play dates, trips to open gym with the boys, naps with the boys, and blogging instead of checking things off my list. 
  • I am NOT drowning in things to do now as a result of the above mentioned in preparation for our trip to Iowa City this weekend.
  • I did NOT uncharacteristically decide that I am going to TRY not to let this stress me out and worry about it! (we'll see if that happens)
  • I am NOT so excited I can hardly stand it to head to Iowa City and spend a weekend with our wonderful and greatly missed friends!
  • I did NOT feel a sense of peace last week like I have never experienced from the Lord after lots of heart to hearts and want to lift His name to the sky.
  • I did NOT test my new attempt to Praise the Lord more when things go wrong when both our fridge and furnace needed a tune up this week.
  • I did NOT wake up to a house that was 54 degrees last week and escape for the day to stay warm until Richard got home to investigate the furnace not working. 
  • I did NOT wonder if the mother of triplets at work would want to give one to me because they are adorable and she doesn't really need three girls? Good thing she had a good sense of humor when I asked her this!
This next week should be full of things I didn't do as I prepare for our trip and hopefully make it down to Iowa City. Hope you are all enjoying the start of your week!


Prachar family said...

I do not hope you have a great trip!! I also do not stress about the things I didn't get done. I do not make a list and mark things off and measure my worth by how many things I accomplished!

Heather said...

Have fun in Iowa City! I spent about 2 hours there two weeks ago and didn't want to leave. :)