Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

Jonah came and climbed in bed this morning with Richard and I shortly before Richard had to get up for work. He LOVES to snuggle and I am enjoying this while it still lasts.  I know I will be sad the day our boys are too cool or too old to do this!  I was thinking about how big he is getting and remembering so distinctly some fun memories of him. I love you so much little man and I pray God continues to work in your big heart and bring you closer to Him. Here they are!

Riding the Carousel at the Mall and swinging at the little park by Emerald St in Iowa City.

This first ride on the carousel was fun and I remember Jonah was a little nervous. It was his 7 month birthday and every time the carousel would rise he would giggle nervously and his eyes would get even bigger and when it would fall I would feel his little body relax. 

The little park near our 2 bedroom apartment on Emerald St was a fun one for us 3 to go to and Jonah LOVED the swings!  He would giggle and giggle as you pushed him.  Often Richard would bring homework and a blanket and Jonah and I would play while he studied.  Every once and awhile Jonah would cruise over to daddy and try to crawl on him while he studied. 

Cheering on the Hawks with "Auntie Em" and cruising around in his birthday suit!

I met Emily freshman year, we rowed together, and she was a bridesmaid in our wedding. We have tried to stay in touch since and the boys have seen her enough to know who she is and that means so much to me. She is a great friend and I look forward to continuing our friendship as the years roll by. She is almost a Doctor! So proud of you Em!

Jonah also loved being naked. He will maybe hate me later for writing this, but oh well.  He especially loved running around after a bath and we would yell out "naked boy alert" and he would laugh and laugh. 

Taking things out of the drawers and putting them back. This was by far one of his favorite past times!  Every mom needs a drawer for kiddos to do this with. 

Jonah also loved taking this out/off/making messes, but unlike most children he enjoyed cleaning up the mess almost as much as he enjoyed making it!  Definitely his father's son!  He loved taking the DVD's off the shelf, the tupperware out of the drawer, scrounging through our drawers and pulling socks/underwear out. He was really "helpful" with the laundry!  

Thanks for the flashback and walk down memory lane. Love you little man!

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Fun to walk down memory lane with you!