Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don't grow up Elijah!

Over the past few months my baby, Elijah, has become more and more of a "big boy" and I wish I could freeze time and enjoy this just a little longer.  He is so different than his brother and also from myself, which I fear will bring conflict as he gets older.  He is 2 1/2 years old and trying to be so much older as he follows Jonah and does as he does.  

I know everyone tells you not to compare your children to others and not even within your own family, but honestly who doesn't do that? Elijah was a different baby from the start and Jonah did set the bar pretty high so I have spent most of his little life holding him to those standards...until recently.  When I finally realized what will happen all too soon. He will grow up. If you haven't already figured it out, I am a VERY emotional girl.  A feature that I have grown to love about myself and enjoy watching the Lord weave this aspect of myself into my very being.  I have found this becoming more evident as I became a mother and grow as one. I fought it for many years and tried to ignore it fearing it was a sign of weakness or imperfection.  God has helped me see that He created me this way for a reason. Simple as that. Who am I to stand up against His plan? 

I am treasuring these toddler days and cherishing the special moments we have together praying our relationship will only flourish as Elijah grows and matures.  Like I said before, he was different from the start. Unlike his loud, colicky, social brother, he was a very happy, quiet, content baby.  He did things on his own time and I have learned you can't make him do anything he is not ready for. He crawled, walked, and TALKED when he wanted to, not when I thought he should.  He has a wild streak in him and I pray daily the Lord will use that to do great things.  I can hardly wait to see how God molds him and shapes him as he grows.  I feel I will spend many days and nights on my knees for this boy.  I am not sure if God is preparing my heart for that or if that is just my motherly instinct kicking in, but I am not ignoring it. 

He has also, unlike his brother, been a momma's boy from the start. Which I LOVE, of course it has its moments, but I am cherishing this too while it lasts.  I also love his current choice phrases and little "Elijahisms" and wanted to record them here so I don't forget them. 
  • "See you soon!" -used whenever he leaves the room
  • Anytime a sentence should include "we" he substitutes "us"- ADORABLE!
  • "Momma, you look like a princess"- this melts my heart of course. He is "the man" (who that is I am not sure), Jonah is the prince and I am the princess. 
  • He loves playing with my hair when he needs to be comforted
  • He lets me kiss and hug him all day long, despite his "tough guy" appearance
  • "No problem" -of course this is used in and out of the correct context. 
  • He prays before meals the same way every time.  He makes fists with his hands, places them on the edge of the table, bends over and places his eyes over his fists.  He also frequently thanks God for his robin costumes (that he still wears almost daily)
  • He also is concerned if I am going to give Jonah a "spankin" and tells me not to do it.
  • He refuses to be covered up by his blankets in bed, but frequently ends up next to me at night because he "is so cold and scared" (I can't resist of course).
  • When he is sorry and apologizing he leans over a little and shrugs his shoulders, tilts his head a little sideways and says he loves you after the apology. 
  • He comes to me through the day and says "momma, just hold me" and won't let me put him down until he is ready. 
  • He will not let me call him peanut, honey, sweetie, or anything of the sort. He is usually a superhero instead.
  • If you ask him what his full name is he will probably tell you Elijah Rock (a nickname from Richard)
  • I started calling him Elijah Lou or Lou Lou when he was little and he does let me call him that most of the time.
  • He also "wants to me just like Jonah when he growds up" 
I thank God for blessing us with you Elijah.  You are so sweet and I love you with all my heart. Don't worry about growing up too fast, just stay my baby a little longer!  
Love Mommy


Cindy and company said...

What a great post! Helped me to remember some of the funny things my little guys did when they were little. Oh, how time flies. Enjoy it while it lasts;)

Richard and Becky said...

Thanks, Beck. He and Jonah are such good brothers, but you are right; they are two very different boys. They remind me of the brothers in A River Runs Through It, Elijah being the younger, more mysterious, more passionate of the two. I, too, look forward to seeing our Father use this personality to do great things for His Kingdom.