Monday, February 23, 2009

Not me! Monday

"It's just another Manic Monday" in the Dafoe house and I am thankful to MckMama for starting out on the write foot.  Join me for a few laughs (on my behalf) and Praise the Lord for another day to Praise His name!
  • I certainly did NOT dread Monday (because it is CLEANING day and our house needs it bad) until I remembered the wonderful gift I received from my great friend Cindy, Spring Clean Year 'Round. A great organizational system to help you do a little bit of cleaning every day, few days, week, month, etc and not feel overwhelmed by the burden of maintaining a clean home! I am NOT excited to try it out and involve the boys too!
  • I did NOT eat out a million times this weekend and now feel 20 pounds heavier as a result!
  • I did NOT tear up having to play nurse at home to my two boys with the worst pink eye I have every seen! After 5 days of drops (or "drips" as Jonah refers to them) they know willingly allow me to do this and don't fight back.
  • Richard and I did NOT praise the Lord on Friday night when the boys had a sleepover at my parents house and we got to go out to dinner to The Blue Moose with our neighbors (Matt and Debbie) and some great friends (Nate and Amy) and then spend the rest of the evening visiting with our Matt and Debbie and play Taboo (which the girls beat the boys 3 times in a row, but I was NOT keeping track).
  • I did NOT have a blast in Fargo, ND Saturday with my mom and sisters shopping for my mom's birthday before meeting Richard, the boys and my dad for dinner at Carinos. Yum!
  • I did NOT also Praise the Lord when I found some adorable decorations at TJMaxx for St.Patricks Day and Easter! God is good! (I will post some pics later)
  • I did NOT become sore for days when I did a mini workout in the basement with the boys before work last week when I ran out of time to go to Center Court.  I did some lunges, squats and abs and felt pretty guilty that I didn't do more until I woke up the next morning. Yowsa!
  • I am NOT having withdrawl from giving up Starbucks. Nope. I am not dreaming about a frappuccino right now...
  • I am NOT excited to have the week off and pray Friday doesn't come too fast.

Hope you are enjoying a few good laughs and thinking about Mondays in a new light.


Prachar family said...

Thanks for the plug! Hope you love it! Sorry about the pink eye. FYI, the erythromycin ointment is only BID and doesn't sting, so no fighting it in...little messy, but moistens up the crusted on goobers to help them wipe right off. LOVE it for pink eye!

Changed up my workouts since finding my friend Gilad, then played softball Friday night and I was loath to move, cough or laugh all weekend! I should add that to my post!

Ohilda said...

Oh, pink eye is horrible!! Poor little guys.

Richard and Becky said...

Taboo--the girls seem to have an unfair telepathic advantage--or they're just more intelligent than us...