Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, How I Love Thee

Last week we went and picked out a Christmas tree finally! We were hoping to go cut our own down at a tree farm, but due to the frigid temps and lack of time we ended up going to the same place we went last year to get one. However, we were disappointed to discover that they only had 5 trees left! So we ended up picking one up at Menards for $15 and it is actually a very nice tree. Richard and I decided that if it wasn't at least we didn't spend much on it! The boys thought we were a little crazy when we set it up inside to warm up and open up. They didn't believe us until they saw it open for themselves.

We decorated the tree the next night and had a little party to celebrate. We are thinking we will make this a tradition each year. We had sparkling juice, cheese, summer sausage and crackers and some chex mix. The boys had their church Christmas program that day so it did get a little late when we finally got around to getting it up and we had no naps that day so it was also a little tricky with that.

This is probably one of my least favorite pics of myself, but I took one for the team so you could see our spread from our "tree decorating" celebration.

Poor Elijah missed out on most of it by sleeping on the couch since he missed his nap from the church Christmas program. Fortunately he woke up later and was helping us out, but unfortunately he was up a little later due to his cat nap.

Jonah took my spot helping Richard decorate the tree lights so I could be the photographer.

Then Elijah woke up and had to help too of course!

Putting ornaments on the tree was an adventure! We have quite a few and I was trying to control which ones went up and stop the little fingers from opening all the boxes and breaking any. It was fun to watch the boys remembering some of them and for Richard and I to be able to tell them about some of our favorites.

I was able to put a few on myself, and we had to document "Bruce" helping too!

Then it was time for the star and we let both boys have a turn putting it up! I still remember my dad lifting me up to put the star on. My sisters and I rotated each year so when it was your turn it was a BIG deal!

Now it's Elijah's turn.

The final product! We haven't decided on a name yet...we (or at least I) name the tree each year. Last year our tree was Sophia and the year before it was "Evie" so my vote is for Lucy this year. Jonah doesn't like it though so we'll see.

After getting the decorations up we sang some Christmas carols together and put the boys to bed. We are looking forward to celebrating Christ's birth in less than one week! We are praying you are able to slow down and focus on the reason for the season.

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