Monday, December 21, 2009

My two sons

How can I be so blessed to call these two little boys my sons?
How can I be so blessed to have these two little boys call me mommy?
How can two little boys teach me so much about patience, humility, selflessness, sacrifice, and love? How can two little boys drive me so crazy one minute and make me feel completely inadequate as a mother and wonder if I should be checked into the pysch unit STAT...

...and the next minute make me so thankful that God has given me the privilege of raising them and being called their mother that my heart just melts looking at them?
I wouldn't give up the sleepless nights, sticky kisses, completely chaotic days, snuggles together, the good, bad and the ugly for anything.

I love these days of superheroes, trains, legos, and wrestling. I love the snuggles on the couch while reading books, our naps together, and our adventures. I love having two little helpers when I am cooking, cleaning or trying to tackle a new project. I love the trips to the park, open gym, and our "dates" to Starbucks or McDonalds. I love watching you both learn so much each day. I also love watching you become the little guys God created you to be!

Thank you for stretching me to new heights, challenging me each day, helping me appreciate each day together and helping me grow to be a better mother. I love you both and thank you for being my sons. I pray God continues to help me learn daily how to be a better mother for you and help prepare you for life. Thanks for being patient and loving me through it all! You are growing up too fast and I am trying to cherish each moment.

Love Your Mommy

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