Thursday, December 10, 2009

28 weeks and an OB appointment with two toddlers!

Hurray we are 28 weeks! This is a monumental milestone for me for a few reasons. One being that if I do go into labor early our baby will be able to stay at Altru in Grand Forks! The other just being that we are simply one more week closer to meeting the little bugger! I am still having contractions and they are getting a lot stronger and a little more frequent. Please keep praying for the protection of this little one. My OB is confident it is just my uterus being more sensitive since this isn't the first time around the block ;0) I was feeling pretty good about it until last night when they were so strong and frequent that I almost went to the hospital! Thankfully they stopped before I decided to go.

I did however bring the boys with to my 28 week appointment yesterday. It was the first one they had been to and it was quite an adventure. I also realized they hadn't been with me when I had gone to the doctor before period. Jonah had, but when he was too little to remember. They thought this was fascinating since I have been with them to almost every single appointment they have ever had at the doctor.

We spent quite a bit of time discussing what happens ahead of time since they were so curious. I explained that I had a girl doctor and she was very nice and walked through what would happen. (In Iowa the boys had a female pediatrician and when we moved to GF we switched to a male. They were flabbergasted that boys could be doctors too). They wanted to know if I would do the same things that they did when they went to the doctor (get weighed, measured, have my arm get a hug by the blood pressure cuff, and get a shot). I told them that I would have all those things done except a shot, but they would have to take some of my blood for some tests to make sure I was feeling ok.

They were pretty cute when we got there and were very excited to see where I went to the doctor and that it was my turn and they wouldn't have to do anything! I forgot about the whole peeing in a cup business (since it is so routine at this point since you do it at every appointment). When we checked into the receptionist she handed me the cup and said after I peed to come back for my orange crush (for my glucose test).

Of course Jonah, who doesn't miss anything, overheard this and pulled me aside with a concerned look in his eyes. He said "Mom, did she say you have to pee in that cup?" I laughed and told him yes I do so they can make sure I am not sick. He asked how I was going to do that because it was such a small cup and if it was hard to get the pee in it. Then he thought it was good that I got a prize for peeing in the cup since it seemed so hard to do. I asked him what he meant and he said, "well that lady said you get a pop if you pee in that cup, so don't mess up mom!"

I brought both boys into the bathroom with me and tried to as discreetly as possible pee in the cup. Elijah was oblivious to the whole thing and wanted to know if the baby would be changed on the diaper changing table like he did when he was little. Jonah was front and center and was fascinated that I was able to do this. Afterwards we were fortunately called into the office quickly and the poor nurse was hounded with questions about everything and anything she was doing. They wanted to know how many numbers I was (my weight) and how she knew what numbers to pick when she was hugging my arm (blood pressure), and what all the colors meant on the dip stick they use to test your urine.

We only had to wait about 15 minutes before my doctor came in and they did a good job of sitting as still as possible while we waited and played "I spy" with the items in the room. (Probably only safe if your kids aren't old enough to know what the pictures are of). I will probably not share this information with them when they get older or if I do, they can add it to the therapy time they will receive for everything else they have experienced.

When my OB came in she stopped and introduced herself to them and asked them about the new baby coming and what they thought. She was so sweet and I was so relieved to see her interacting so much with them. I have always felt confident with her and enjoyed my appointments. She does an excellent job of making me feel as though I am a very important patient, not rushing through our time together and especially being up to date on my crazy history and concerns. While we were chatting about my contractions that are still persisting, the boys managed to take apart the stirrups in the bed! Good thing they are easy to put back together :0)

Next it was my turn to be measured and to find that beautiful little heartbeat. Jonah was dying to use the doppler and I told him he could probably do this, but we would have to wait and ask. I thought he was going to explode from excitement when she asked if anyone wanted to help her do the next part. She pushed the chair up for him and let him squirt the gel on my belly and use the doppler. He was one proud big brother when he found it right away! A beautiful 140 beats per minute!

Elijah confirmed my suspicions of jealousy being a problem when this little one arrives by being very clingy, not interested in helping, and proclaiming he was crabby whenever anyone asked him a question. Oh well, I can hardly blame the guy he is a momma's boy to the T and at least we can be more conscious of it. He also spent the rest of the day saying he isn't a BIG brother but a LITTLE brother!

After the exam portion of my appointment we headed to the lab to wait until exactly one hour after I chugged the delicious orange Crush. The boys were a little nervous waiting and their little eyes were just about popping out of their head while the lab tech drew my blood. They remained about a foot away and refused to come hold my hand. They were also a little concerned that I was trapped when I sat down in the chair and the lab tech lowered the table that lays down in front of you so they can position your arm properly. She filled a 10cc syringe with blood and then transferred it to the appropriate tubes. Jonah was covering his eyes and thought Elijah should be scared so he covered his for him! Then Jonah asked the lady if she was going to give me that blood back after she was done because it was so much!

Overall I would say it was a success! They want to come back again and hopefully this will remain a novelty until the end, especially since my appointments are every 2 weeks now until February. For my next appointment Richard will be home on Christmas break so we are all planning on going. I am sure he can hardly wait he is so excited!

Jonah is convinced that he should be a doctor now and catch babies. He also said he is glad he doesn't ever have to have a baby and go to the doctor all the time. It was sure fun having them along and maybe Elijah will warm up to the idea by the time the kiddo makes his or her debut! I guess only time will tell.

Either way I am so grateful for a successful appointment and to hear that beautiful heartbeat. It seems like we have so long to go, but that it is also right around the corner! I can hardly wait!


Ashlea said...

Becky, this has to be one of the cutest things I have read! It still amazes me how Jonah has grown so much & is going to catch babies someday! Too cute! I am excited to hear that things are going well with your pregnancy & look forward to my weekly dose of entertainment as I save your blog to read on my night shifts at work each week.

Take Care,


Cindy and company said...

Yeaaaaaa God! We are praising his name with you for your wonderul appointment. So glad that Jonah was able to help hear the heartbeat. That was always a treat for my kiddos, too. Keep on trusting, Becky! He is faithful. Love you.

Prachar family said...

LOVE this story! What fabulous kids! I love all their questions and all the encouragement for you to hit the mark!! Hilarious...I am so glad you got your prize! I love that orange drink too! I even sabotaged one of my GTTs (not on purpose, but maybe subconsciously) by eating one of my calcium chews just before my appointment. It had 10 calories and I flunked the test and had to go back for the three hour one and another orange pop!! I passed that time!

So fun to follow your progress! Please know you are bathed in prayer from the sunshine state...where its going to be 80 some degrees tomorrow...sorry, that's just mean now isn't it??? Seriously, what an example you are to others to TRUST! Keep us posted about those contractions!

Irene said...

I love the story of your OB visit with the boys. I've been praying for you all and the baby, but now will pray more specifically that those contractions won't be a problem.
I love you