Wednesday, December 30, 2009

25 inches of snow

Over Christmas we had a "nice" little blizzard with 25 inches of snow! It was great for us because we were not planning on traveling any farther than my parents house which is a few miles away. I moved my bedresting self to their house and enjoyed my family for a few days. The boys are super excited about all the snow and have been playing in it almost daily. It has been so fun to watch them enjoying it with Richard too!

Here is the front of our house

This is Jonah standing on the snow pile looking out from our front door. He is touching the roof! Crazy that it is so high! The perfect sledding hill in our front yard though!

All three of my boys playing outside for the first time with all the snow.
Richard and Jonah were outside for hours and started working on a snow fort.
You can see how high the snow is compared to Richard's truck!

Here is a better picture of our whole house and the piles of snow

Elijah climbing out of the snow fort

Richard climbing out of the snow fort

Elijah hanging out inside the snow fort. Richard made it big enough for an adult to sit up in there comfortably. The boys can hardly wait for it to be finished so they can play in it!

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