Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One month old

 Guess who is already One month old????

While I am quite behind on blogging, I at least wanted to get these on here...

Olivia was super impressed with my 1 month photo session.

My long legged lady with her first doll

I have a blanket that I have taken the boys' pictures on every month (until they turn 1)
The first picture was supposed to be at 1 week, but I missed that. So here she is at one month.

The boys had to join in of course.

They look exceptionally large next to her too!

 Dear Olivia,

    One month ago I became the mother of a baby girl!  I can't believe you have only been here for 1 month.  It has flown by, but seems like you have been here forever!  You have turned our house upside down and stolen our hearts.  There also is an abundance of pink around here!

      Your daddy is smitten with you and your brothers can't leave you alone.  Your Grandma and Grandpa are quite fond of you as well and Auntie Nikki and Auntie Laura have been sneaking in some snuggling time when they can.  I am sure enjoying having a daughter and dream of what you will be like.  Your brothers are hoping you like shopping so they don't have to join me ever again!  I also am enjoying the dresses, tights, and girlie accessories.

      You are very peaceful, easy going, and calm (except when you are hungry).  You are a GREAT sleeper and spend most of your mornings awake, sleep through the heart of the afternoon, and are awake from supper time until 10pm or so.  Then you like to get up between 230 and 3 to eat, go right back to sleep and wake around 7am.  You take a bottle like a champ, and nurse even better.  You have given us a few smiles and coos and we enjoy just watching you check out the world around you. 

     You are a bit more petite than your brothers, and are actually on the growth charts.  You weigh about 9 1/2 pounds and still wear mostly 0-3 month clothes.  

    You have quite a few names: Liv, Olivia, Livie, Little lady, baby, Livie J, or Livia.  Your hair is auburn/brown and your eyes are still dark blue but we are suspecting they will become brown.  You look a lot like your big brothers, and we can see each of them in you.  

     We love you so much baby girl!  We are so blessed to have you in our family and look forward to watching you grow!

     We love you so much little lady. Happy One Month Birthday!

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