Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat

Halloween this year was a bit chaotic for our family of six!

We came home from the hospital the day before and everyone was anxious to show off Miss Olivia.

I had to bring her in for a weight check and bilirubin check that morning so she and I made an appearance at Elijah's preschool first. 

The class was having a Halloween party so all the kids were dressed in their costumes. 

They all surrounded Olivia and stared at her in awe for about 3.2 seconds and then each preschooler proceeded to tell me about their costume and who they were. 

It was quite adorable!  Elijah was beaming when he announced he had brought his baby sister for show and tell. Made me a little teary. 

Then Miss Olivia and I headed a few blocks north to Jonah's 1st grade classroom for more show and tell.

Jonah got to sit in the rocking chair and hold her while the class surrounded him on the floor in awe of our smallest pumpkin. 

They had tons of questions and sat in silence and stared at her. 

Jonah's teacher has 3 boys of her own and was in love with Olivia too. 

Next we headed to the doctor for a quick weight check and bilirubin level check. 

She was 7lbs 11.4 oz already and her bilirubin level was a little higher than they would have liked, but she was eating well and I felt comfortable keeping an eye on it at home. 

Our final stop was to the middle school where Richard works for one last "show and tell" before heading home.  It was pretty fun watching Richard show off his daughter. 

I had quite a few teachers come and tell me how sweet he was that morning when they had congratulated him.  One told me she had commented on how cute Olivia was in the picture Richard had posted on the school news and he quickly responded, "she's much cuter in person!"

We got home and crashed until the evening when she had her first bath.

I had some "helpers" to make it go faster...

she wasn't a big fan of it.

 she did like snuggling in her nice warm girlie towel after (thanks Mollie)

Then we headed out for a little trick-or-treating...
We had a storm trooper, pumpkin, green lantern, and a monkey

Olivia really looked like a pumpkin with her orange skin too.

Our first stop was Auntie Nikki and Uncle Tom's house.

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house

Grandpa snatched Olivia up pretty quickly ;0)

The boys went up and down their block while Olivia and I relaxed with Grandma and Grandpa.

They had a good time going house to house, but the big boys struggled with slowing down enough for Richard and Isaac to keep up.

Olivia wore a sweet superhero outfit under the pumpkin costume that she got from 
my cousin Stacy and her girls

It even had a cape on the back!

We were all pretty exhausted when we got home, but it was sure a fun day/night.

Can't believe she had only been here for 3 days at that point. 

Already felt like she had been here forever!

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