Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I can hardly wait!

This summer, at our local farmer's market, I discovered my friend Ashley makes these adorable baby clothes, clips, and shoes.

She had short sleeved onesies on display at the market and I asked her if she could make me some long sleeved onesies for our little lady.  So I found a pack at Kohls and brought them to her, she let me pick out the patterns I wanted and she got to work. 

I picked them up yesterday and they are beautiful!

She gave me these adorable shoes, some stinking cute clips, and a super fun flower headband as a gift...

I am afraid I will have to get some more items as Miss Olivia grows!

Until then I can hardly wait for her to be big enough to wear these onesies and shoes!

Or for her hair to grow a bit so we can put the clips in :0)

Here is her etsy website with some items for sale.

You should check it out!

I also received another extremely cute and creative gift from my friend Stacy who brought us supper last night....

It is a onesie and diaper rolled up in a snack cup, with spoon and a ball on top to look like a cupcake.

Isn't that cute?

Poor Isaac thought we could eat it.

He was pretty disappointed to discover it was not edible. 

Thanks ladies!  I am very excited for her to get bigger and be able to wear these fun gifts!

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AshleyRena said...

I am glad you like them! Thanks for adding my link to your blog!! See you soon and cant wait to see Olivia in those outfits :)