Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miss Olivia's Birth Story Part 3: Bringing Olivia we are a family of 6!!!!

I love the time you get to spend in the hospital with a newborn. 

It is bittersweet, as it becomes harder to be away from home the more children you have, but so wonderful to have that time with just your new baby at the same time. 

I enjoyed my time with Olivia in the hospital, but I was also looking forward to getting home and adjusting to a family of 6!

Still couldn't quite believe we were bringing home a girl!

Funny story...the first night we stayed in the hospital with Liv, it was almost 1:30am by the time we were settled and ready to pass out.

So, I sent her to the nursery for a bit and crashed.

My fabulous nurse Sara brought her back in when it was time to eat only a few hours later, in my sleep deprived, exhausted state I went to change her diaper before feeding her. 

However, when I opened the diaper and didn't see a penis I had a mini panic attack until I woke up enough and remembered we had a GIRL!!!!!!

I bought a few things for Miss Liv before she was born and one of my favorite purchases was her going home outfit.  I had 3 girl sleepers in our hope chest from each pregnancy with the boys.

It was our tradition to bring one boy going home outfit and one girl going home outfit with to the hospital since we didn't know what we were having. 

I let Jonah and Elijah help pick out Isaac's going home outfit and Olivia's.

We bought it this summer at the Carter's store at the Mall of America.

They picked the boy sleeper quickly and spent quite a bit of time deciding on the girl one. 

They eventually picked an adorable pink one with butterflies on it. 

This summer when we were in Texas and I was shopping with my sisters-in-law at TJ Maxx I found an adorable pink onesie that said Daddy's Princess in glittery silver letters. 

I knew it was going to be part of my daughter's going home outfit!

It was hard to believe she was finally going to wear both things!

Olivia wasn't too impressed with the changing of clothes business.

The boys were pretty excited to get her in the carseat and get her home!

Isaac wanted to "help" get her buckled and shove her whole pacifier in her mouth causing her to gag extensively put her pacifier in her mouth

Here she is all ready to go!

Jonah giving me the thumbs up when I asked about Olivia coming home

Isaac and Daddy were excited too!

Olivia was a bit nervous coming home to a family dominated by males I think.

I told her we would stick together.

Elijah told her that despite being outnumbered, his daddy told him 2 girls is the same as 4 so we are really equal!!!!!

 Isaac was a little stressed sitting next to Olivia because he couldn't reach her, and he kept ripping the pacifier holder off her seat straps and trying to take a hit of her pacifier while no one was looking. 

He did eventually give it back...

My mother-in-law Irene had cleaned and picked up the house before we got there.

It was so nice to walk into a clean home!  Thank you Irene!!!!!!

It was a bit surreal bringing her home.

I am still blown away by God blessing us with these 4 beautiful children. 

3 weeks later we are still adjusting to being a family of 6...there have been quite a few moments of craziness and I am sure there will be more. 

I feel as though we are almost finding somewhat of a "new normal" with Miss Olivia joining the ranks.

Thank you Lord for our family of 6, despite how crazy it feels and how overwhelming it has been at times, it sure is amazing to watch these 3 boys loving their baby sister.

And a Daddy who has been transformed by his little girl.

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