Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miss Olivia's Birth Story Part 2: What's in the diaper?

The hardest part about Olivia not arriving until so late in the evening was knowing the boys would have to wait until the next morning to meet their sister!

They were sound asleep when she finally graced us with her presence, so I suppose they didn't know any different, but it was hard for me to wait!

As soon as I knew we were having a girl I dreamed of the day she would be born and her big brothers would get to meet her. 

They had been praying for a sister for so long!

You may also remember that Elijah told me that there was a baby in my tummy and that it was a sister before I even knew I was pregnant!  

Crazy huh? He said he had prayed for a sister before and we got Isaac, but Jesus said he was sorry so he gave him a sister this time!

I laughed at him, because being pregnant was the farthest thing from my mind and having a daughter was unfathomable! 

Jonah and Elijah didn't want to know if the baby was a boy or a girl until they could come to the hospital and see for themselves. 

So the morning after she was born, Richard headed home and helped get them all ready to come meet their baby sister.

Before they got to the hospital, I took her pink clothes off and took everything out of the crib so they couldn't tell it was a girl.  She just had a diaper on and was in the crib.

They walked in the room and the big boys went right up to the crib, peeked at her, and Elijah said, "It's a boy."  Then I said, "Is it?" and Jonah got really excited and said, "It's a girl?!?"

I said they better look in the diaper and check for themselves. 

Elijah decided that was a bad idea because he was pretty sure she was a boy and he remembered how baby boys pee very easily when their diaper is taken off. 

He tried to convince Jonah to do it, but he was pretty nervous too...

So Richard did it.

The look on their faces when they realized she was a girl makes me cry every time I see this picture...

When they saw what was in the diaper, they said, "It's a girl???? We finally have a sister!"

They were so excited it was adorable!!!!

Isaac was pretty curious and went right up to her and said, "Baby....nice, nice!" and wanted to touch her

and hug and kiss her right away too!

Jonah played the biggest brother card and wanted to hold her first. 

Then Elijah wanted a turn.

He was pretty proud of his baby sister!

Isaac was curious enough about everything else going on, he was perfectly happy waiting his turn to check out Miss Olivia. 

Can't believe all these beautiful babies are mine!

Too bad they didn't really like her huh?

Isaac was pretty fascinated with Miss Olivia 

The whole time they were visiting, the boys kept exclaiming how excited they were to have a sister.

When Isaac was born, the boys had a hard time leaving me in the hospital and going home. 

When Isaac was born, they weren't too worried about him having to spend a night at the hospital, but really wanted me to come home.  

The first night after Olivia was born, when it was time for them to leave, Elijah was very worried about his sister coming home with him.  I reminded him about how Olivia and I had to stay another night to make sure we were okay.

He said, "You can stay another day, but I want to take my sister home now!"

So sweet!

The big boys were able to stay a little later that first night with Richard and Olivia and I.

Irene took Isaac home and got him to bed (THANK You Irene!!!!!) and the big boys were able to stay and watch Karate Kid with us.  

It was so fun to watch them taking turns holding her and just loving her. 

We were blessed with many visitors while we were in the hospital too!

Great Grandpa Tony (GGP)

and Great Grandma Sharon made the trip to meet Miss Olivia and joined my mom and the boys for lunch. The boys LOVE their great grandparents and enjoy spending time with them!

Aunt Nikki and Uncle Tom

Miss Ally, my cousin's daughter, who was cheering for a girl!

My cousin Stacy and her other darling daughter Kate....these girls are going to have to teach me a few things about having a little girl in the house ;0)

Grandma Irene, who was an AMAZING help with the boys while we were in the hospital and for the next week and 1/2 when we got home.

We couldn't have done it without you Grandma Renie!  The boys sure miss having you here!!!!!
(Olivia is wrapped up in the beautiful blanket Irene made for her)

Grandma Teresa, who also helped out a ton with the boys and ran a few errands for me involving purchasing a few pink items for Miss Olivia!
I can't find a picture that turned out of Grandpa Rod with his first grand daughter, but he was there too!

Auntie Laura came on Sunday to meet her niece!

We also had many family, friends and my super co-workers stopped in to meet her too!

I can't even begin to tell you how crazy it is to have a girl after all these boys!

Olivia has no idea how blessed she is to have these big brothers who adore her and will protect her for life.  Richard and I are pretty sure she won't have any dates when she gets older...or at least if she does he will have to big one tough guy to get past her 3 big brother and daddy!

Part 3 is coming soon! Bringing Olivia Home...

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jamie said...

wow you are a stud- i cried after only doing contractions for a few hours- way to go girl! you can do anything now! :)
love the birth story 1 and 2! so fun! love seeing your fam!