Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whew! We made it...

This morning was the first morning that we all had to be out the door by 8 am for school/work

Of all the adjusting we have all had to make with a new baby in the house, this has caused the most stress in my life.

We barely made it out the door on time before, and that was only with 3 kids to get ready. 

Now we have to add a 4th, a newborn at that, and there is snow on the ground...

that is beautiful, but adds another dimension to the am (winter apparel and snow removal)

Satan made it almost impossible for us to make it out the door on time..
  • Last night I was awake more than I slept, due to poor Miss Liv catching her brothers' colds and being super congested making it almost impossible to sleep or eat, unless she was held upright.
  • Due to this extreme lack of sleep, the boys and I slept in later than we should have.
  • Therefore I did not get a shower or breakfast (but not a super big deal as I can do that anytime today) Or just skip the shower...
  • Isaac slept in for the 3rd time in his life, had to be woken up, and ate his breakfast in the car from a bag.
  • Elijah coughed so hard he puked up his 1st breakfast  and ate his 2nd breakfast in the car
  • Isaac discovered the vicks that I left out last night and painted most of his face and body with it while we were all running around like crazy trying to get hats, mittens and coats on!
  • Olivia expressed her "love" for her carseat by screaming bloody murder from the moment she was strapped in, the entire time it took for everyone to get into the car and buckled, and until both big boys were dropped off at school. (Her crying causes extreme stress for Jonah and Elijah...Isaac doesn't seem to bothered by it)
  • Isaac was afraid of the snow and refused to walk to the car himself so I had to carry him and put him in the car.
  • Jonah was so sweet and brushed the snow off the car that he could reach, but I realized once we were all strapped in and ready to back out of the driveway that my windshield wipers were on strike this morning due to the snow and ice. Grrrrr!

So despite all that occurring, we somehow managed to make it out the door early enough where I could bring Elijah to preschool first (as I have to walk him into his class) then Jonah could wait in the car with the little 2, and drop Jonah off second (as he can just run into his school by himself)!

As Jonah jumped out the door and sprinted into school I shouted out an Amen (which Isaac seconded) and all I could think was...

Whew! We made it!

I feel like I just ran a marathon and it is only 9am!

As a reward for getting everyone to school on time, and showing Satan what I think of his attacks, I decided to pick up a good friend on the way home...

(Don't worry Richard, it is my 1 for the week, and I used $5 I found in my winter coat to pay for it!)

Now I will enjoy my peppermint decaf mocha friend, and reflect on my 4 greatest blessings who make life exciting and challenging all at the same time!

Cheers to mornings!


Goettig Family said...

Wow! I am proud of you! Such an amazing mama! You for sure deserve your starbucks! It's funny cuz when I look back on working with you I remember that you almost always showed up with starbucks! :) Good times! Hope you are enjoying your baby girl! She's precious! Stay warm!

jill said...

Good job ;) This is my big worry for March... How will we ever leave the house? eeep!

nickigreen said...

I'm very impressed!! What a morning! What a great upbeat perspective - I think I'd still be crabby about all the things that didn't go right!