Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mommy and Me

Last night we were able to go out with some good friends of ours, Nate and Amy.

We have known them for years and our kiddos are all about the same age. 

Amy has 2 girls and made this beautiful gift for Olivia and I...

Matching aprons!!!!!!!!

Aren't they adorable??????  

What a fun gift!  I told her she should go into business selling these. She is a VERY busy lady with 3 kiddos of her own and working full time, so she politely declined ;0)

My boys love to cook/bake with me and they do have their own aprons (with cars and airplanes on them) but I am praying that Olivia also enjoys cooking/baking with mom some day.

I pray we are able to enjoy many things together, in fact I have taken her on a few shopping excursions hoping to get her to start liking this early, as I really enjoy shopping.

The little turkey has slept through most of them.

Hopefully she doesn't listen to her brothers who say "Boo to shopping" (except Isaac who doesn't have a choice yet) and who yells "Yeah Shoppin', Yeah!"

So Thank You Amy, and Yeah to Cooking/Baking and Shopping Olivia!

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