Friday, April 30, 2010

Right before my eyes

How did these two sweet little boys...

become so grown up...

right before my eyes!


The other night they requested to help make supper and wash dishes with me! I was blown away! I had a flash back watching them standing at the sink 2 years ago when we lived in Iowa City. I used to strip them down to their diaper/underwear when they were little and let them "wash dishes" while I made supper. It was the perfect activity to keep them distracted, in my sight, and washed the floor a bit when they were done!

I almost had them strip down to their undies for the picture, but decided it would be best NOT to encourage that, plus I probably shouldn't share that picture on here!

I am fortunate that the boys have inherited their dad's love for cleaning. They are excellent helpers (when it's their idea) and I am becoming more laid back about letting them help and not worrying so much about doing it "right" and just focusing on helping them learn the importance of having a servant heart.

It's still been rough at our house, as far as listening goes, but I am thankful for moments above that help me remember what is really important!

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