Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few more quotes...

I just had to write these down quick before I forgot! Here are a few more quotes from the boys...

Richard and I were marveling at how adorable Isaac was last night as we were making supper. Each time we passed him on the floor playing we would comment on his cuteness. Jonah came in from playing outside and heard us. He then went and stood over Isaac with his hands on his hips and proudly announced, "Well, we sure make cute kids don't we?" and then he headed outside. Richard had to burst his bubble and let him know that he had nothing to do with it!


We have been "playing school" during the day and yesterday during lunch we were learning about the letter S, squares, and the color blue. We each took turns thinking of things that started with the letter S, were shaped like a square or were blue. Then I made a sign incorporating all three things and hung it up. Jonah was super excited and wanted to make one for the next day so we decided to do the letter R, color red and circle. Jonah was so excited he started thinking of items that fell into each of those categories. When he was thinking of words that started with the letter R he said "Hey, I know! The pirate word...you know Rrrrrr matey?"


We have been working on what constitutes an "emergency" when the boys are playing and someone gets hurt and needs help. We were at my parents house and the boys were outside playing. I heard Jonah wailing and he sounded ligitimately hurt. He also can be quite dramatic so sometimes a hang nail can provoke the same siren wail as a scraped knee! We have NO idea where he gets that!

Anyway, so Elijah comes running in the house yelling

E: Mom, there's a 'mergency! Quick!

Me: Elijah what is it? Is Jonah hurt? (I am holding Isaac who is feeling crummy from shots so I set him down and tell Elijah to stay by him so he doesn't get scared)

E: Got it mom! I won't move. I will protect him from the evil warriors.

Me: Just stay there Elijah I will be right back.
(So I run outside to check on Jonah and discover it is a minor knee scrap that is miraculously better with the mention of cartoons. As we head inside through the garage door, Isaac startles himself and starts crying. Elijah is no where to be seen)

Me: Elijah where are you?

E: (running in from the front door) Here I am.

Me: Elijah where were you? I asked you to stay by Isaac.

E: There was another 'mergency!

Me: There was? What was it?

E: The ice cream man was driving by and he didn't know that I needed ice cream!

(At this moment I was torn between feeling proud and being upset with him. That really can be an emergency some times...needing ice cream and not having it!)


Krisanne said...

Becky, those are so cute! I totally agree that no ice cream can be an emergency at times! :)

Cindy and company said...

So glad you are taking the time to write these down! Wish I had. It just doesn't get any cuter than that. And when they are teenagers and cop an attitude with you, you can remember that once upon a time they were sweet, and cute and said nice things!