Monday, April 19, 2010


Lately our littlest man has been working on tummy time and we have heard him really complaining for the first time! He isn't real great at it because his mommy doesn't want to put him down long enough for him to practice!

Lately I have been performing surgery on toys.
These poor batmans had an unfortunate encounter with a 3 year old and silly putty.
I warned them that next time they might not be so lucky.
I was able to "save" them, but they do have a new improved look. Tie dye capes are in right?

Lately the warmer weather has allowed for some little bare feet to be exposed.
These happen to be the cleanest little feet in our house, since they aren't running around outside yet. Don't you just want to kiss them!

Lately a certain littlest brother has been loved on by his big brothers quite frequently.
(They are also using him as a stalling tactic for bedtime...needing to give him kisses)

Lately I have been reading Angie Smith's book and LOVING IT!!!!
If you have any babies in heaven this will surely touch our soul.
It is the story of her sweet Audrey who was not able to survive outside of her momma, yet Angie and her husband chose not to terminate the pregnancy and have used her story to share God's love and glory!

Don't forget to read it with a box of Kleenexes.
My fabulous hubby got it for me for Christmas (when it was pre-released) and it just arrived!
You can purchase it here.
Or you can borrow mine after I read it over and over again.

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Cindy and company said...

Lately I've been thinking of you and wishing we had had more time together last week. Lately I've been praying for you and asking God to lift the cloud that darkens your days. I've been there many times. Lately I've been thanking the Lord for how he loves you, just the right way. And lately I've been looking forward to a time when we can all get together again.