Thursday, February 25, 2010

Isaac Robert's Birthday Pictures

Welcome to the world Isaac Robert Dafoe

Isaac is a name we had on our "boy" list ahead of time and means laughter. We are praying he brings our home much joy and laughter. Robert is my grandfather's name. He passed away on Wednesday just a few hours after Isaac was born. We are sad he won't get to meet his great grandfather here on Earth, but hope someday he can learn all about the wonderful man he was named after.

I thought I would put these fun pictures up from the birthday party! I still can't believe he is here safe and sound. God is so good! I have been very emotional thinking about how precious he is and what a blessing it is that he was able to stay put an extra 10 weeks!

My mom and I patiently waiting to meet this little man who shares a birthday with her!

It's a Boy! Richard and my mom said they knew it as soon as they saw his precious face, since he looked just like his big brothers!

What a blessing to have Dr. Setness Hoefs deliver him! She really loves what she does and does an excellent job at it.

8lbs 10.6oz and 21 inches long

One proud daddy!

My first good look at my son!

Look at those adorable baby feet.

Fresh and clean just in time to meet his big brothers

Elijah checking Isaac out for the first time

Jonah was beaming the entire time!

He can't keep his hands off his baby brother and cried when he had to go home and go to bed and was only ok when we told him he could hold his baby brother tomorrow!

Jonah was encouraging Elijah to touch his little brother. It was so precious to watch them checking Isaac out for the first time!

Holding hands and counting toes.

Our first family picture

Grandma, her birthday buddy and Jonah

Auntie Laura taking a turn holding Isaac. She was so wonderful and watched the boys for us during Isaac's delivery. Thanks Laura!


jamie said...

so sweet! glad he is out and healthy and all went well! love you guys!

Prachar family said...

Oh my gosh, so excited for you! Big congrats on that giant baby! He looks so HUGE on that warmer! My Riley was almost the exact same size and before they weighed him, all we could say was how huge he looked! I remember why now! What an amazing blessing! He will ADORE his big brothers! Lots of love to you all!