Saturday, February 6, 2010

One down...??? to go

I successfully worked my first shift back at work last night after being on bedrest since going into labor at 29 weeks! It was only an 8 hour night shift and my WONDERFUL coworkers generously gave me a nice "easy" assignment to break myself back in. They also yelled at me anytime I tried to get up and move around more than I should have and kept me hydrated all night. I was also relieved to discover I hadn't forgotten everything and surprised how naturally everything came to me. I really do love the NICU and my coworkers.

Words can't express how blessed we feel that God has allowed Bruce to stay put an extra 7 weeks already!!!! I started contracting pretty continuously on Thursday night and all day Friday and was curious to see if I would even make it through one shift at work. Just in case I shaved my legs, painted my toes, and packed a bag.

I feel as though the anticipation of Bruce's birth is even greater than the boys' because we have been praying for extra time since December 17th when we thought we were going to be meeting our sweet baby. It is hard to not get excited about these contractions continuing, but I am trying to remember that God is in control and has already chosen this little one's birth day.

So tonight I will go back to work for another shift and try to be patient as we wait for this little one. I am also going to relish every moment of sleep I do get while I still can!

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